Microsoft to Talk Windows Gaming Tech, Cloud & More at Big Tokyo Event; Square Enix Among Sponsors

Microsoft’s Build conference in San Francisco is coming to an end today, but there’s more on the horizon. The house of Windows and Xbox will hold another big event named de:code at the Prince Park Tower Hotel in Tokyo on May 26th and 27th.

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ThinkThink1240d ago

Does anyone know what percentage of Japanese use windows for computing?

Abriael1240d ago (Edited 1240d ago )

I can't give you actual firm data, but whenever I go to Japan, I see mostly Windows PCs. Even at tech retailers you normally see big Windows areas.

Tho, this is just what I could personally see, even if I've been there a lot, so don't take it as gold :D

ThinkThink1240d ago

Thank you sir. helpful bubble.

slasaru011240d ago

So MAY BE Star Ocean also comes to Xbox. And in DX12?

no_more_heroes1240d ago

I'd actually like to see MS get SE to make Lost Odyssey 2 for them.

LexHazard791240d ago

Why? They can easily pay Sakaguchi and his Mistwalker team To make a sequel. Whenever he has time.

christocolus1240d ago

@no more heroes

or something brand new?Mist Walker can handle Lost Odyssey 2.

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ScorpiusX1240d ago

As long that you bring the items you can talk about it all u want . Also hurry the hell up, the excitement of buying is killing me .