Gamers In Beta Podcast 099: Museum Musings

With episode 100 well within reach, CapnMikeM and MAINEac17 invite Syd Bolton to Episode 99 of the Gamers In Beta podcast. Syd is the proud owner of Canada's largest video game collection and the curator of Canada's Personal PC Museum. After a lengthy Q&A session in the intro, the fellas settle into episode 99. The trio kick around their thoughts on the latest Gears of War remastered rumors and their initial impressions of Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. The discussion topic this week is centered around retro games and if any of us still play these games and on which platforms. Lastly, and per usual, they covered the upcoming releases for the week and some of the most recent video game news. Get pumped, Episode 100 is a week away!

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TommySpinKick1321d ago

I came across this podcast not too long ago. Pretty entertaining!