Halo 5: Guardians plummets down to £37.99 on Xbox One

Dealspwn: "Halo 5's #HUNTtheTRUTH campaign is still going strong, but we've managed to hunt down a killer pre-order deal for this anticipated shooter. You can currently reserve a copy for £37.99, which we'll wager is cheaper than most if not all launch day deals. Pre-orders can be risky business, but if you can undercut the RRP, it's always worth considering. Hopefully 343 will make sure the matchmaking runs perfectly!"

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bggriffiths1321d ago

Nice, liking seeing more and more AAA titles dip below £40 for preorders.

Blues Cowboy1321d ago

For sure, even though some will argue that publishers aren't getting paid enough and that DLC/MTs are the only option. Seriously, I've seen people defending it!

On topic, tho, looking forward to H5. Theorising about Halo storylines has been one of my fave things since CE (yes I need to get out more).

Rookie_Monster1321d ago (Edited 1321d ago )

i have no idea why you even bother posting this as in the UK, prices are not set and varies and fluctuate all the time from store to store regardless of what game it is or console it is on.

The headline is kind of troll bait as well with "plummets". Dealspawm is becoming a troll site like a few other well known sites around here.

Spinal1321d ago

I pre ordered the limited edition on GAME it's a bit pricey but I can't help it I love in game items ;)

Halo2ODST21320d ago

So only £2 off, as games are only £40 here.

ScorpiusX1321d ago

Whatever cash I would have save would have gone to them in the form of DLC purchase. No matter my CLE is paid for so am good and had no issue with price . Now the waiting.

Ciporta19801321d ago (Edited 1321d ago )

Nice price for halo which would sell no matter what it cost. Good to see some sites not ripping us off

holysmokesbatman1321d ago

I stopped and thought about your comment there for a second, and personally, for me, you're right, I'm 100% digital now and although this is a good deal, I'll be paying whatever the digital cost is without a second glance....
It's Halo!!!

Sensiblesteve1321d ago

Good on Ms for charging a reasonable price

700p1321d ago

yeah ik, why cant sony do that? :/

TeamLeaptrade1321d ago

That's good news. Always happy seeing upcoming releases lowered in price. Doubt it'll be a thing that starts to become the norm, but it is nice.

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