Medals Coming to New Xbox Experience

While achievement's have been around since the 360's initial launch it seems that along with the new Xbox experience will be medals. Yes, Medals are coming to the 360's dashboard update. Strangely enough no one has really caught onto this but it was slipped in a recent interview.

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riqued3772d ago

Sound a lot like trophies... Sony copied them and they copied back...

UnSelf3772d ago

Looks like Sony and Xbox are playin Telephone

Amanosenpai3772d ago

At the end ull become what u hate.

inthekillzone3772d ago

i know PS copied MS with trophys but MS dosent copy everyone else the right way. they do a staright copy, not even making it better like they should if they want to get some praise

LJWooly3772d ago

This'll just go back and forth, there's no point even trying to debate it. Although, while I'm aware that everyone copies, this is rather blatant on Microsoft's part.

uie4rhig3772d ago

WTF? WHY MS? WHY? you should be happy that people are copying you, so WHY copy back lol.. MS is just being G/-\Y now..

radzy3772d ago


player9113772d ago (Edited 3772d ago )

This is exactly what your profile already has. Games already have "medals" that are unlocked via getting certain achievements. Each game has their list of medals depicted by their own graphic already. The system in place works great.

Most importantly the rewarded points for gaining those are added up in a nice simple numeric value and displayed right on your profile page along with the last several "medals" you've achieved.

This is exactly what we've had.

"Microsoft will also institute a new medal system so you can show off your most recent achievements."
"Microsoft will also redo the medal system so it will display your most recent achievements vs displaying the achievements off the disc that is in your drive"

Legion3772d ago (Edited 3772d ago )

Player911 nailed it. Exactly! We already have medals on 360. They are just going to change the system so you can list your latest acheivments.

Hohum... people reaching for news.

FreeMonk3772d ago

they have always been there. They are the images next to the achievement you get.

All it will be will be a polished version of when we look at our achievements now.

All this stuff about stealing is really ticking me off though. Everyone steals from everyone.

Sony stole Trophies from MS
MS stole the Avatars from Nintendo
Nintendo stole Eh.....did they steal anything??

Tarasque3772d ago

Hmmmmm....trying to update achievment's i see. Well hopefully they dont use bronze, silver, and gold cup's. I like the pic's and such for present achievment's.

Ateanboy3772d ago


It appears that the teacher has become the student !!!!!!!!!

bebojet3772d ago

what a damn shame. everybody is just copying one another and than hope for the best. if MS already have achievements why have "medals"?

Spydiggity3772d ago (Edited 3772d ago )

that everyone posting comments here is a sony fanboy (which makes no sense cuz this article has nothing to do with you) but lemme just clear something up. Every achievement on 360, since it's launch, has had a graphical representation for the achievements.

and to the people saying MS copied don't even know what else to say. if sony stole the idea, MS doesn't have to steal it back, it's still already theres. But every 360 owner knows that there is a little picture for EVERY achievement in EVERY game on 360 and it has always been that way. We just didn't use a separate word (medals), we just still called them achievements.

So if you can't get your facts straight, or you just wanna laugh at MS, just keep in mind that the source of information is pretty important. and the reason they never mentioned it is because it didn't need to be mentioned at E3, this isn't news. another idiot article that should have never been approved. but cuz ps3 fanboys love to look for any reason to criticize the system they don't own or know anything about, of course we see it.

grow up

EDIT: I'd just like to add that i own both, and ps3 is a nice system and it has 1 or 2 good games, and i like that it has a web browser. BUT, it is clear to me who's stealing the ideas from who. and even bigger than that...the attitudes i see from the ps3 owners on this website make me like my ps3 a little less each day. I simply cannot stand the fanboys, you never base your comments on facts, you rarely say anything witty or intelligent. It's just a bunch of nonsense that ruins the experience for anyone who might just want to have a discussion about upcoming games.

Here's a pointer...DON'T COMMENT ON ARTICLES THAT DON'T HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH YOU!!! This site would have a much stronger community.

@Freemonk... Yeah, they stole Gamecube's hardware. lol
and btw, Nintendo didn't invent avatars.

@Ateanboy... That's a really dumb thing to say.

incogneato3772d ago

its so sad that even though Xbox 360 came out earlier than Wii and PS3 it still has to play catch up with the other consoles. Microsoft gaming division has absolutely no passion for innovation

BattleAxe3772d ago

Sony didn't really copy MS, Trophies are different from a Gamer Score. But Medals are a total copy of Trophies.

laryforlife3771d ago

microsoft didn't do anything new, they already have this now, so they didn't copy ps3, i can already see the graphical representations of my recent achievements - am i missing anything why is this so hot right now?

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Angelitos3772d ago


People has said Sony copied achievements. But, M$ is copying right back.

Medals, which is also known as a reward for something like TROPHIES.

DarkSniper3772d ago (Edited 3772d ago )

Microsoft once again presents the public with a half-assed implementation to their dilapidated console. Dark Sniper can assure you that this feature was a last minute decision by Microsoft executives, same as all of their corporate choices.

Sony Computer Entertainment breaks the barrier when it comes to innovation. The trophy system was well in development before Xbox 360 created their achievement system. When checking the copyright data, it's clearly obvious that Microsoft has broken into Sony's records to solely implement this into their platform before Sony could release this.

Microsoft is nothing more than thoughtless and incoherent ingrates who do nothing more than have their sights set on any competitive decisions by other manufacturers. When it comes to innovation, Sony Computer Entertainment is where Dark Sniper places his trust, money, heart and soul.


why do droids cry3772d ago

dark pooper scooper, these 'medals' have been on xbl since 2005 you dimwit. when you view your acheivements. it has a little pic. next to the description of the acheivement. representing the medal. so since every thing is going 3d(not 4d like sony promised) why not have the pic. go 3d. F4G

Homicide3772d ago

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA! Microsoft copying their competition like always.

B-Rein3772d ago

OMG what the hell is worng with microcopy, 1st they copy freakin miis and home, then they copy singstar and eyetoy play 2 now ps3s trophies

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Silogon3772d ago (Edited 3772d ago )

Unreal. This is getting absurd. Microsoft has went above and beyond the call of copying into straight plagiarism and lawsuit territory.

AngryTypingGuy3772d ago (Edited 3772d ago )

It's Microsoft's right. They're the ones who innovated giving rewards for completing certain objectives within the game. Does anyone honestly think Sony would have "trophies" had MS not come up with achievements? Do you think PSN would be trying to rush all of the new features if Xbox Live didn't have them? Guess who's to thank for all of them, even if you don't like it? That's right, Microsoft.

I'm not implying that MS is directly responsible for all of Sony's hard work, I'm just saying that you know where the influence comes from. It works both ways though. It's likely that we wouldn't be getting avatars and medals if it weren't for Sony's "Home".

This is why I don't get people who wish that one of the companies would leave the market. This is a perfect example of how competition pushes both companies to keep coming up with and giving more, which makes us, the consumers, the winners.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3772d ago

Lol, why are you in the "Open Zone" tell that to the people in the "Gamer Zone?"

AngryTypingGuy3772d ago

The Open Zone's more fun. I'm an Xbox fan, and I believe it's the best, but I know that all the companies have their place in the industry.

power of Green 3772d ago (Edited 3772d ago )

They would have called them trophies after all that is what's shown when you unlock achievement's lol(probably where Sony came up for a name for their version).

Everything else is going 3D on the Dashboard why not this, took them long enough there are alot of achievement whores on XBL asking eachother if they got this achievement or that achievement. I guess missing the Spring update will be worth it. It must have taken MSFT over an year to make all this stuff happen with the update if not years.

I mean come on the 8 person party system traveling XBL together and The Netflix theater party system will explode in the casual market, and yes mapping Avatars in actual DL and retail games will be a hit too.

1 vs 100 could take of as an digital smash amoung casuals and their families(digital game show on the same level as a TV show).

I'm sure MSFT has implemented that 3rd party Motion controller tech to the update etc as well, glad they finally got a good singing game too.

Meus Renaissance3772d ago

Lol. This is funny. Sony copies Achievements, we get Trophies. Microsoft love that idea, so we get Medals. Sony loves their new dashboard, we'll get a new one soon - and so on.

1 console Future FTW

3772d ago
marionz3772d ago (Edited 3772d ago )

its a graphical change people! and whos to say ms didnt plan this out ages ago?

who cares about world hunger or global warming...MS copied sony oh no!

Finch3772d ago (Edited 3772d ago )

Still looks and sounds like Achievements to me. Whats all the fuss about? Hell everything they just said we already been doing since the start. Just easier now to show them off instead of haven to look it up yourself when you looked at someone. Now its right in your face. Its still Achievements made easier to see! How in the world does this have anything to do with copying?

jtucker783772d ago (Edited 3772d ago )

We don't want one future console.

If we have only one then whichever company it is will get complacent because they'll have no competition.

Competition is good, it drives innovation and improvement.

Look at Nintendo, they were almost out of the game last gen. That forced them to innovate and come up with motion control. Now they're back on top.
Sure Motion Control is still in its infancy and still not very good yet, but they're still innovating and developing the Wii-mote plus which I think looks good. I'm looking forward to seeing how it works. I've been hankering for proper 1:1 motion since the Wii came out.

EDIT: Sorry, that last bit was a little off topic... but still sort of relevant to my point :S

tplarkin73772d ago

Good point. Besides, we don't know what they mean by "medals". The images shown in the image look like Crackdown medals, which are simply achievements. Perhaps the medal system is the top achievement in the last few games?

Finch3772d ago

I hear you, but i think its just the writers wording nothing more.

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