What To Expect From Nintendo’s Splatoon Direct

Hot off the heels of the Xenoblade X special Direct about a week ago, Nintendo has announced, Splatoon is scheduled to have its own Direct Thursday, May 7 a.m. PT/ 10 a.m. ET/ 3 p.m. GMT.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1326d ago (Edited 1326d ago )

An announcement that mid match voice chat will be enabled, but just for friend matches, while public voice chat will be done before and after matches?

It would make mid match voice chat function like a reward: Be on good behavior in public match chat, and people will be more likely to add you to their friends list for the fun of mid-match chat, and you'll want to stay on good behavior to avoid getting kicked from lists, meaning less stressful, more entertaining matches for all good people involved.

It'd be a decent system for encouraging better behavior.
A man can hope.

Reeze1326d ago

That would be amazing. I don't particularly care about voice chat, but I know some people do, so I hope Nintendo just adds it already to alleviate some bitter people's backlash. I want Splatoon to do really well, because I want the servers to be busy, and I want Nintendo to know there IS demand for this type of game.

punishing11326d ago

I definitely support adding chat, but on just about every game I play that has chat, nobody says a word, and this is on the current gen systems that all came with mics! Although, my buddy had his PS4 a full year before realizing that the earbud included a mic. Maybe that's everyone's problem?

wonderfulmonkeyman1326d ago (Edited 1326d ago )

Yeah, there's a lot of hypocrisy around the voice chat issue.
Nintendo should definitely add it, but a lot of people are using bad reasonss, that don't accurately reflect how VC is usually used and that many of them usually don't even partake in, as their reasons to get it included.

The biggest flawed reason I've seen is that Splatoon needs it to coordinate with team mates. (despite the Game Pad and customizable shoutouts covering all the info needed to coordinate)

Whenever I see that reason used, I can't help but laugh a little.
I mean, if we're really being honest, many either don't use VC, or do use it, but only for annoying things like trash talking or off topic chatter that just clutters the air waves.

Team coordination through VC, in most public matches in shooters these days, is so rare that it's practically a joke.

And when these people who misuse chat pop in mid-match, which is on a time limit, that results in precious seconds wasted either finding a hiding spot or delaying a respawn, to open a menu and mute them.

Hence my earlier proposed solution.