Top 5 Trailers Of E3 2008

via AnalogHype:The E3 bonanza is over & we at Analoghype have decided to compile a list of the top 5 trailers we saw at this years conference. With so many trailers being released around this time we had a lot of trailers to watch but after hours of arguments & tantrums we managed to get our final 5. I know we may have missed your favorite trailer but hey we are only human. If you disagree with our list why not drop us a line with your top 5

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Angelitos3775d ago (Edited 3775d ago )

M$ has got the reputation of bribing. Nice job.

Hydrolex3775d ago

half these websites are paid. I can make my own website and get paid by Microsoft, then I can bash Sony. Are you joking me ?

1- MAG
2- Little Big Planet
3- Gears of War
4- Resistance
5- God of War 3 ( they didn't show so much so ... )

I put Resistance after Gears of War so Xbugs 360s don't say I'm a fanboy.

facepalm3775d ago

^-^ While those trailers are good, I personally enjoyed the "Duke Nukem Trilogy" trailer... Shows jack-s***, but is still awesome.

Ogrekiller3775d ago

was the definitive trailer of this E3.
It was so good, they didn't need gameplay footage- nor cgi cutscenes.
No, all it needed was the manliest man in the world (yes, he beats Captain Falcon AND Chuck Norris COMBINED) and his crotch in your face- for 7 minutes. This, takes cojones.

kingOVsticks3775d ago

i think GOw 3 was the best i am alive was insane I thought i was looking at a live action for a little while there :P Actually that is a pretty good top 5.

FreeMonk3775d ago

I like the God of War 3 trailer, it's not in my Top 5 due to the fact that it's all CGI. It's not running on a games engine like Gears of War 2 or Prince of Persia.

Gears of War 2 - Love the trailer, shows how big the battles could be

Prince of Persia - Love the art style, lives up to the originals!

Resistence 2 - I didn't fancy this at all, but that trailer has swayed me

Madworld - THIS LOOKS AWESOME. It's like a gameshow with Chainsaws. Lots of blood, death and decapitations. If only this was out in HD on the X360 or PS3 and not the crappy 480p of the Wii.

Mirror's Edge - Just loves these trailers. Love the style of the gameplay, love the music that comes with it!!

Surfman3775d ago

MAG was pretty insane compared to... Prince of Persia. Gay of War 2 looked gay, as usual.

Hydrolex3775d ago

Yes pick up the chainsaw and put it in your enemies ass

mikeslemonade3775d ago (Edited 3775d ago )

The Resistance 2 trailer at the conference was the best. It's the only trailer i've seen where I went out of my way to see it twice.

You first see the big ships invading San Francisco. And the commentator from the radio, who does a good job immersing you in the experience. Then you see Nathan Hale (in better graphics compared to Resistance 1) shut the radio and then is ready to do work.

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