Sony Responds to June NPD figures

To recap, MGS4 topped the software charts. And it propelled the PS3 to a big win over the 360, and an even bigger win over their June 2007 PS3 sales, which are up - according to Sony's crack numbers team - by around 300%. PSP sales were great, PS2 sales were, relatively, great, and all around, it was a good month for Sony.

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Angelitos3775d ago

Unlike M$, they didnt bribe for MGS4 to come to their console

karlostomy3774d ago

But wait... what's this?

Didn't Sony bribe Movies studios to the tune of $2 BILLION
to win the format war?

uh-oh. Looks like Sony does more bribing than ANYONE.

DarkSniper3775d ago

June's NPD figures are a testament to the increasing North American brand recognition of the PlayStation brand. When you think of PlayStation, you think of quality and this is what PLAYSTATION®3 provides. Only PLAYSTATION®3 can give gamers the reassurance that next gen has finally arrived. November 22, 2005 was only a blip in the market and has been a joke until November 17, 2006.

11/17/06 was when Sony said next gen was starting and Dark Sniper has no doubt in his mind that quote was the most truthful statement said. Now is a great time to be playing b3yond as Dark Sniper indulges himself in what living really is, PLAYSTATION®3.


eagle213775d ago (Edited 3775d ago )

PlayStation®2 (PS2) also had a solid month in June, selling 188,798 hardware units, an increase of 42% from May. The popular console continued to experience strong software sales, with 3.9 million software units sold. More than 42.4 million PS2s have been sold in the U.S. as of June 2008.

See Microsoft, you have a competitor too. At least you managed to outsell ps2...... Congrats. :)

PimpHandHappy3775d ago

i wonder if Socom will sell a few PS3

i wonder if LBP will sell a few PS3

My guess they will and leading into the Holidays the PS3 is going to destroy the 360!

PirateThom3775d ago

"Sadly, we were outsold by competitors due to stock shortages of our 80gb Metal Gear Solid 4 bundle."

I would have lol'd if they had said it.

jaysquared3775d ago

Even if they were stocked up with the 80gb I dont think the PS3 would've outsold the wii..

Chuck Norris3775d ago

Let's wait until this year's holiday numbers are up. MS should get a huge boost due to the massive amount of original 360s with extended warranties expiring.

Genesis53775d ago

The Wii can sell like that because it's half the price of the PS3. But what I really want to know is where is MS response to the NPD. Where's Kim and Greenberg kind of quiet aren't they.

gaffyh3775d ago

Just to show VGChartz crapness (Bias some people may call it):

Platform VGC US Est NPD USA

Wii 720,000 666,000 - Overtracked
PS3 332,000 406,000 - Undertracked
X360 262,000 220,000 - Overtracked
PSP 300,000 337,000 - Undertracked
DS 755,000 783,000 - Undertracked
PS2 147,000 188,000 - Undertracked

ALL Sony platforms were undertracked, and we don't get the exact numbers for EU/Japan so expect VGChartz to be undertracking those Sony numbers aswell.

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The story is too old to be commented.