E3 2008: Scott Rohde Interview

When asked whether or not Sony knew of Final Fantasy 13 being released for the Xbox 360,Sony VP of Product Development,Scott Rohde,reveals that they "knew it was coming" all along.

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LeSouteneur3773d ago

Of course they did. And they even said themselves that third party exclusives are dying due to high development costs. That's why Sony's focusing so much on first party titles where they'll keep bumping out more and more exclusive games, rather than buying each individual third party game for exclusivity.

Playstation Man3773d ago

White Knight Story GUARANTEED exclusive (Level 5), a well reviewed original RPG concept in Valkyria Chronciles Exclusive, Disgaea 3 exclusive, stolen Eternal Sonata for those of you into that type of software theivery with EXCLUSIVE content and the next Team Ico project waiting the wings EXCLUSIVE...

FFXIII? Well, Japan exclusive and still coming. I can see why he doesn't care. Maybe they should sell their stock in Square? (jk)

morganfell3773d ago

In the time where MS is cutting back on first part studios and losing companies like Bungie, Sony is upping the ante on exclusives and first party titles.

Bnet3433773d ago

I can confirm White Knight Story will never grace a Microsoft console or any Level 5 games. I don't know if you guys remember an MMORPG for the Xbox 1 called True Fantasy Live Online. It was being developed by Level 5. Microsoft started calling the shots and Level 5 got pissed off and axed the game. True story, no pun intended.

sonarus3773d ago

Wow motorstorm is looking pretty amazing

spunnups3773d ago

the importance of having a strong first party lineup. sony has something like 20 1st party studios and multiple second party studios working on projects. Losing FF13 really isn't that big of a deal. besides, if you had the choice of playing FF13 on one disc instead of 4 or 5, your gonna choose the PS3 version with the Blu Ray.

jackdoe3773d ago

It is near impossible to "buy" exclusivity. The only guaranteed way to truly get it is to hoof part or all of the development costs. MS did it with the GeoW franchise for example. As for True Fantasy Online, who knows what the hell happened with it. I always thought it was axed because the Xbox was on its deathbed by that time (2005/6?).

StayHigh3773d ago

Square been working on the PS3 version for 2 years and the 360 is getting PORT of course everybody is going to be buyin it on the PS3..

The Wood3773d ago

if that's true then it proves money isn't everything to some devs; maybe creative freedom is high on L5's list of needs although they would of made a sh*tload of money had they just continued. Interesting.

mistertwoturbo3773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

This whole take on Exclusives really is depending on a lot of factors. First of all, of course all developers and publishers are a business. First and foremost, they're priority is to make money or profits.

However, history has taught us that any company like MS, Sony, or Nintendo should never ever rely on one title for their company. What history? I'm referring to Atari when they put all their money into the E.T. game. Obviously the game bombed which forced them into early retirement.

Now something like this isn't going to happen to the big three, it's still the same concept.

Instead of having 5 super megaton killer 3rd party exclusives that sells 5 million each. It's better to have 2-3 super megaton killer 3rd party exclusives, and 15-20 1st party exclusives to support and broaden the market. It's also more appealing to the consumer which has the most content, giving them options.

It's also partly why MS is as successful as it is today. They launched first. So naturally they have all the exclusives, content, and big library of games.

But after Nintendo and Sony is catching up, that's where you can see where MS is losing ground.

So yes, FFXIII is one of the biggest games MS can get on the 360. Many 360 fans will rejoice. Many people will get to enjoy it. But MS isn't seeing the big picture here.

Like someone said earlier, while MS is focusing on getting a cross-platform game. Sony is on the grid making much more 1st party exclusives.

Square Enix is right on one thing though. This generation of games won't have a single platform like the PS2 that completely leaves the other consoles in the dust. For now.

sumfood4u3773d ago

Sony knew about this but they are not worried! I own a PS3 & a Wii! This is Sonys Year, an Wii needs to work on Space! Nuff Said

HateBoy3773d ago

Yeah, because like everybody in the world visits gaming-sites and know that the ps3 version will be better.. *sarcasm*.

And apparently it's being developed on the pc, so no. The ps3 version will be better though.

Legion3773d ago

... if Sony actually new that XBox was going to be getting FF series wouldn't you think they would have spoiled their glory by outing the news PRIOR to E3?

If in fact they did know about it (in what ever form they did) then the only logical thing to do would be to come out and fess it up so that the sensationalism of the surprise wouldn't favor Microsoft.

Think about it... it's like the 8 mile white boy Eminem calling you out on what you are going to say thing.

"This company ain't got no mother-f_ckin' GAME / I know everything they got to say against Sony / We are hype, we are a f_cking joke / We do live in a trailer with our moms / My boy Kojima is a Movie Director Wannabe / We do got a dumb friend named Jack Tretton / Who shoots himself in the foot with his ability not to be able to see PS3s on shelves / We did get jumped by Wii sales after we said they were a novelty / And Microsoft is taking FFXIII from our exclusives/ I'm still standing here screaming "F_ck the Free World, wait till tomorrow"

See how that works? Talk about everything the other company is going to say and they got nothing left. LOL

morganfell3773d ago

The thing is turbo, and you are over looking this. many fans will rejoice that FF13 is on the 360, this is true. But not many fans will be buying. When the time comes FF13 isn't going to move well on the 360. It isn't a game most single console 360 owners will get. By the time it arrives the PS3 will be at the height of it's popularity. And with a custom PS3 engine, well, do the math. Material wise it isn't a 360 game. I think Square is in for a rude awakening when it doesn't move enough to recoup the millions of development costs.

Legion3773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

I think you are totally off base in that claim. XBox 360 is known for selling games. They said the EXACT same thing about GTA IV, and look how well that did on the 360. You got core gamers that just buy everything and then you have the NEW RPG fans that are always looking for a good game. Though I don't care for FF series I will purchase the game myself just to see how it is.

I will bet that FFXIII will sell at least the same amount on XBox 360 as it will on PS3. No lose situation for SE.

It's great to be able to purchase things on a whim. haha

INehalemEXI3773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

Sony does have the most in house studios. One thing they need to do though is start looking to develop an in house rpg with kick ass Icons. At least 1 that is the flag bearer for the company.

Nintendo has had the Mario bros. Link etc as Icons.

MS has had Masterchief as a distinct icon.

When I look back across the PS era I think of the Icons like Snake, Lara Croft, Crash Bandicoot, Jin Kazama. Its all 3rd party.

Sony needs a distinct killer in house rpg game with a distinct Icon. An RPG Icon that eventually rivals even Cloud's popularity.


As an FF fan I do believe its a good move for FF13 to go Multi for the fact that it will have the 2 install bases to feed off. I want it to break sales records and even outdue FFVII as far as critical acclaim. I was pissed at first just out of fears of the game being trimmed down in scope. I have faith in Squeenix though.

kira9893773d ago

Am i upset that FFXIII is on the 360? a little, maybe... But knowing that there are tons of Square fans who have bought a PS3 just for Final Fantasy already tells me its goona sell better there.. It being on the 360 just opens the door, for new fans to the franchise...

mistertwoturbo3772d ago (Edited 3772d ago )

Morgan, one thing to learn is to never underestimate Microsoft. They have POWER. By POWER I mean MONEY. Just look at what they've accomplished and gloated about. Grand Theft Auto, Devil May Cry, Resident Evil 5, and now FFXIII. All games that used to premiere on the playstation brand.

Secondly, they have marketing who really know what they're doing. When GTA IV came out, I only saw x360 commercials. Same for Devil May Cry 4. And I bet they're going to do the same with RE5 and FFXIII. They will advertise it as if it's exclusive on their system. And it works.

So once FFXIII comes out, don't be too surprised if it outsells the PS3 version. But like most have stated before, it now just depends on which version helps move more hardware.

Lastly which is why Sony will do just fine considering FFXIII is still exclusive in Japan. It will sell a lot of PS3 hardware there. A lot... If FFVIII: Crisis Core is anything to go by. They'll buy systems left and right.

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Harry1903773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

Add to that that Square just announced again that they would shock FF7 fans at their upcoming Invite-only conference...could it mean....Believe...I must believe....This is not only about Advent Children Complete....Believe people.

That remake is coming dammit. It must. It's driving me crazy. Believe.

LeSouteneur3773d ago

FF7 must come. FF7 must come.

3773d ago
thePatriot3773d ago

one of the sony folks says to prepare for tgs big news comming

spunnups3773d ago

and they still are. anyone that watched E3 saw them gaurantee a victory over Sony. You also see the huge grin on that guys face just before they reveal FF13 is coming to the 360. MS comes off as evil in every way. Yet, if you watch Sony they never mentioned Nintendo or MS. They dont care about anyone but themselves. They handle their business and do what they do best, bring us the Best games possible through a multitude of genre's.

3773d ago
SixZeroFour3773d ago

sony doesnt do any talking, they let their fanboys do it...lmao

im sorry, i just had to say

please take it as a joke ;)

mistertwoturbo3773d ago

Mr. Anonymous you're right.

The difference is, MS talks just as much trash as the 360 fanboys. So who's the better PR? lol

The Wood3773d ago

im not sure i heard ms's name come out of sony's mouth anywhere near as many times as ms had sony's. Its been this way all gen. It gives the impression of insecurity or that every single word uttered is for some type of investor

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PirateThom3773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

Of course Sony knew it was coming, Tretton was probably too busy picking his nose and talking about doing push-ups to read to memo.

Edit: All you people disagreeing:

Megaton3773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )


Perhaps the news hadn't trickled down yet. If this had leaked prior to E3, it would have just given Microsoft more momentum going into the event, all eyes on them for the official word.

kewlkat0073773d ago

Trentton might of been rehearsing "MGS4 is PS3 Exclusive" too much to even notice....

Plus they saved it for last...almost in a devilish grin(before they announced it) kind of way.

Megaton3773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

LBP Joker...

Hydrolex3773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

Square Enix would sell their mom for $12, so why not FF13 for 20 Billion dollars that Microsoft gave to them to betray Sony ?

FF13 is FF13 because of Sony

Hydrolex3773d ago

Ressistance 2
Motorstorm 2
Killzone 2
Uncharted 2
LA Noire
and ...

Esena3773d ago

I do agree with you that the amount of stuff coming to the ps3 is amazing...but the ps3 does need some RPGs. Not at then end of 2009 but soon.

I am confident in PS3s future...but I did love the PS and PS2 cuz of all the RPGs...doesn't sony realize they need these!!!

Bombomb3773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

you know all them games wont sell like a ff13, especially new ips no one every heard of.

there are some games that sell well across borders and its not so much shooters..

pwnsause3773d ago

Bombomb, its ok for you to not measure microsoft's e-penis, you know its pretty small.

juuken3773d ago

Get a life.

That's not the reason why he posted. He posted to show that the PS3 is more concerned with 1st party exclusives these days. What is Microsoft concerned with? Wasting their time and money buying third party exclusives of which will neither raise the amount of hardware sold or the install base? If Microsoft can come up with 1st party studios like Sony, then good for them. If not, then they're dying a slow and painful death.

Mr Fancy Pants3773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

White Knight Story
Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm
Valkyrie Chronicles
God of War 3
Little Big Planet
edit: DC Universe Online (exclusive?)

here is my list!!!!

we got FFXIII Verus! and it's not like FFXIII is not coming for the Ps3 too....

butterfinger3773d ago

that FFVXIII is still being developed to its fullest potential, as a PS3 exclusive. That is the only FFXIII I will be purchasing.

AngryTypingGuy3773d ago

Hydrolex, yeah I can't wait to play LA Noire too...on my Xbox 360.

Hydrolex3773d ago

I hope you know that

- Sony is helping Rockstar to make LA noire.
- Rockstar goes PS3 exclusive after GTA IV and midnight club LA

Veryangryxbot3773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

I have stated before that if SE truly wanted to go multi platform, there is VERY LITTLE Sony can do.

Its the same for MS. If 3rd party developers want to screw MS over, MS cannot stop them.

We should just accept that SE is now a money hungry EA of the east. They are no longer about quality and loyalty first. They are a far cry and a glimpse of their former self.

The people who worked closely with Sony in the FF7 days, have long but gone. The new generation at SE do not know the word loyalty. And they have no ties with Sony or anyone else. To them, Sony and SE is nothing but history and old relics.

Thats why I will no longer support that company myself. FF versus is the last FF I will purchase.
You know what, the only reason why Square enix is getting away with this, is because fans let them.

AngryTypingGuy3773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

AngryTypingGAY...clever, Hydrolex. You must've been proud of yourself after the long time it took you to think of replacing the u with an a. I know you're a long time representative of the gay community, but I'll have to decline your invitation to join. I'm afraid you'll just have to catch someone else's pitches.

We'll have to see about LA Noire. If the 360 doesn't get it, then oh well. If it does, then chalk up another on the long list of stolen 3rd party exclusives.

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PoSTedUP3773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

they dont even give a f*** about it. he just brushed it off like it was nothing. what a soldier.

speaking of noses, did anyone notice when jack Trenton was talking at some point a fly landed on his nose and he smacked himself in the face LOL!!! i was dieing!!!

mistertwoturbo3773d ago

Yes I noticed that too. Could have been a Micro Organism created by Microsoft to end Jack's life.

But good ol Jack knew it coming lol