The Witcher 3: Geralt’s past, present and future

Bewitching and a bon viveur, check out our history of the White Wolf.

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ArchangelMike1320d ago

For anyone who wants to catch up on all the Witcher lore before jumpting into The Witcher 3, these lore vids are among gh best out there in the way the story is told and animated. I know I've posted these before in another thread, but they're well worth a watch.

poppinslops1319d ago

Those vids are handy for people who can't/won't play the Witchers... however, they tell a 'default' version of the story - which is great, but still a poor substitute for an actual playthrough.

I'm currently slogging my way through the first - which does offer a few pivotal choices, but nothing like the decisions in 'Assassins of Kings'... apparently 'Wild Hunt' will have a mechanic similar to 'Dragon Age Keep' where an in-game character asks Geralt questions about the previous games' events and his answers determine the 'world-state'.

Those who've played through 'Assassins...' twice know there can be huge differences between the various endings... I didn't play either of the first two 'Dragon Age' games, but I wish I had - it would have made 'Inquisition' less of a Lore-fest (DA:Keep helped, but I still had to read mountains of historical poetry to 'understand' Thedas).

My point is this - PLAY THE WITCHER 2... Do whatever it takes to play it before you play 'Wild Hunt'.
The first game is a bit like the first 'Mass Effect' - it tells an important part of Geralt's story, but it's very rough around the edges... I'm glad I decided to play it on 'easy'.
And if you really want to be thorough, there are some novels set before the games... Sapkowski's a great writer - similar to George RR Martin, but less-obsessed with weiners.

ArchangelMike1319d ago (Edited 1319d ago )

I completely agree with you. I would highly recommend playing through The Witcher 2, before playing The Witcher 3 - even though it's not an absolute must.

Yeah those series lore vids, just give a general overview of the 'world of the Witcher' and not the story of the first two games. The thing is, it is apparent that The Witcher 3 is less about continuing the story of the first 2 games, as much as it is about continuing the story of the Books. For example, Ciri is not really metioned in either of the 2 games, but is the main focus of the books.

Roccetarius1319d ago

I just want to correct you, because Ciri is actually mentioned in the first game, but in a story told by a Inn Keeper.