PlayStation Silver, Gold and Elite headsets discounted

The PlayStation Pulse Elite Edition Wireless Stereo Headset (33% off to $99.95), PlayStation Gold Wireless Stereo Headset (11% off to $89.04) and PlayStation Silver Wired Stereo Headset ($56% off to $30.55) have been discounted once again.

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1238d ago
B_Rian891238d ago (Edited 1238d ago )

beware the Pulse Elite Edition. I've been through 2 pair of those. The sound quality is great but there's a serious design flaw that causes them to break where the ear cups meets the headband rendering them pretty much useless

LackTrue4K1238d ago (Edited 1238d ago )

That same issue happen to me "did suck" but they still worked fine, you just see that small nasty crack there...but that's about it.

Hope Sony makes new models.

Roman3mPiRe861238d ago

I have 2 pairs one for the wife and the other for me. Both cracked BUT I got epoxy glue and BAM! Stronger then ever! Love the sound. I have yet to find another headset that can compare in sound quality.

Reaper29r1238d ago

Thanks for the heads up. I have the white gold headphones, didn't know there was an elite model. Was considering ordering a pair until I saw this. If they have such a major design flaw, I'm gonna just stick my gold ones. Which are awesome except the short battery life.

shay1591238d ago

The Gold has a similar design flaw.
Had a pair that cracked at the joint, and it''s beyond saving.
Silver is very durable, though.

RevXM1238d ago (Edited 1238d ago )

Bass impact on mine stopped working, sent it in for service and it wasn't fixed when I got it back, and I was about to send it back in and complain about the service but my dog chewed on the dongle. -__-

Bass impact: More headsets need this! Dead space + BI = WOW!
Wireless (Nice and practical)
Sound quality is okay.

White noise. (a problem with a lot of wireless headsets)
Also a bit questionable quality, but I liked mine as long as it lasted.

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shotgunshine1238d ago

I've had the golds for about 7 months and love them. Only bad thing I can say about them is the battery life isn't super great...about 5-6 hours. If that's a problem for you it's worth getting the silvers.

KryptoniteTail1238d ago

They should call those "Platinum" not "Elite."

Anyway, can anybody confirm if the Gold work with PS TV for Party Chat app?

ShellB1238d ago

I have the pulse elite and in my honest opinion I don't recommend them. Buy some Audio Technicas or Sennheiser headphones.

RevXM1238d ago

I hear a lot of people have problems with them.
They are crap quality wise, but I really loved the bass impact though, it was a neat gimmick that I really liked. Playing Dead space with Bass Impact on was badass.

However I have moved on to studio headsets, got the ATH m50x.
Not sure I can ever go back to gaming headsets. They sound awesome and it didn't crap out on me within the first two weeks like the pulse did. (Had mine since november/december)

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