Witcher 3 New Screenshots to Show New Monsters and a Baking Desert

A bunch of new Witcher 3 shots have been posted on the official Witcher 3 Facebook page recently, which shoes Geralt witching around au naturale, HUD and all. Some of the quest descriptions have been blurred out to cover spoilers, but otherwise the shots give a better sense of what the game will actually look like than most of the poised showcase shots we've seen so far. Hopefully there are options to shrink that HUD down a bit.

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HALF LIFE 3 CONFIRMED... some of you will get it!

S2Killinit1325d ago (Edited 1325d ago )

I dont get it but can you explain?

Edit: no bubbles, just noticed now. /: guess my curiousity will not be satisfied.

Games looking gorgeous

Xof1325d ago

A... desert?

Where in Fantasy-Poland would you find a desert?