Interview With Brad Wardell: PS4/Xbox One Differences, DirectX 12, Ashes of the Singularity and More

Stardock CEO talks upcoming game and how it uses DirectX 12.

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Vahlok1325d ago (Edited 1325d ago )

Deja vu :)

gfk3421325d ago (Edited 1325d ago )


Can we stop with such type of articles already?!

MS, the only authority that we should listen, said in numerous times that DX12 will not bring big changes to X1 (mostly because is partly implemented in the current X1 API).

Despite of this, we have 2 articles per day from dubious people or from people that have never worked with DX12. One such example is Wardell, a joke in my opinion, who gives constantly his opinion but doesn't have a clue.

Could we stop already with these kind of rumours, as is becomming to much...

People should understand that any benefits that could be brought to X1 would immediately be implemented, due to the fact that is behind in power and, most importantly, X1 is behind in sales.

Thus, any benefits that DX12 could bring to X1 are already included in X1's API just to keep up with PS4.

headblackman1325d ago (Edited 1325d ago )


why should they stop with these articles when you and people with the same mindset as you can just stop clicking on and coming to articles like this. the issue isn't with the article. your issue is with the excitement around it that's taking away from the attention of your console of choice. cut the crap and only stick to what caters to your topics of choice (and apparently anything microsoft/xbox isn't it unless it's bashing anything microsoft/xbox)


Justjoined1231325d ago

Why are you reading these articles if they are too much for you?

Clearly you have no clue how software and optimization through updates can improve upon hardware performance, neither console is performing 100% as of yet.

TheCommentator1325d ago


(+1 well said)
This interview was unedited, unbiased, and even praised PS4's hardware a few times as superior. He gives reasons why MS has no data to share and offers theories based on how the machine is built and how the latest DX11 revision works on XB1. How people here can dismiss Brad when Phil retweeted one of his interviews is beyond me.

Let me prove my point through an analogy. If I wrote an article about a Corvette and said, "It will be as fast as the Veyron if you put better tires on it." do you think the head of GM is going to retweet that?

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darthv721325d ago

I'm beginning to think Wardell works at seeing as that is the ONLY site that quotes his words on a semi daily basis.

Maybe Rashid ... 'IS' Wardell???????

rainslacker1325d ago (Edited 1325d ago )


Maybe the site should stop due to trying to maintain some sort of integrity. I mean last week, Wardell admitted that he didn't know what was in the Xbox, or specifically what DX12 would do for it, and if I had to extend that to something else, I'd say he probably doesn't know what's in the PS4 either.

I can speculate as much as he can based on what I do know, but I don't have gamingbolt asking me twice a week my opinion. All I get is being called a Sony troll who doesn't know anything.

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jden281324d ago (Edited 1324d ago )

Listen you sony guys can't have it both ways... flip flopping all over the place. One minute you say they're just like pc's so we can just compare their cpu & gpu and say one is more powerful than the other because they're both x86 hardware like a pc. Even though MS very early on said that you couldn't compare them to PC's and listed the reasons why. "ALL" the Sony world did it anyway. Now when someone points out hey if it's just like a PC then it will get the same improvements a PC will get you all Flip Flop saying they're not like PC's. Make up your freaking minds it can't be both ways. I for one believe the MS engineers when they said "the machines are closer performance wise than you know and if you think MS is going to give up a 30% power difference to Sony you're crazy". Now why do I say such ridiculous stuff well MS already told us how so i'll break it down. The gpu & cpu in these machines don't sit in a vacuum and do all the work on the consoles they're only part of the equation. Also anybody who has coded even a basic game understands that resource management is paramount to achieving your goals.

So what are you programming wen you program a game?
1) GFX
2) AI
3) I/O
4) Physics
5) Network code
6) Background data maintenance
7) Dynamic sound
Each of these things have traditionally required processing cycles from the cpu, gpu or both.

For instance Dynamic sound is known to take between 15-20% of a consoles cpu cycles.

Physics have been known to bring a system to it's knees if there's a lot of dynamic destruction. (slow down city)

So while it is true that the GPU in the PS4 can handle more raw cycles, it is also true that there are many other co-processors present on a consoles motherboard that handle other parts of the game.

The XONE has a weaker GPU but has huge co-processor advantage bringing the systems to near identical OVERALL system power.

The problem has been that to effectively use the co-processors you had to code to the metal because the MONO api in use on XONE doesn't fully support all the features. That is why Phil Spencer said DX12 will make it easier to do things that the XONE is already good at
All you've talked about is GFX
SO lets break down the total processing power of the entire console both PS4 & XONE

processor power PS4 XONE
cpu 102 GFLOPs 112
gpu 1.84 TFLOPS 1.31
co-processors (1) ~10 GFLOPSs (15) 400 GFLOPs
----------------------------- ------------------------
Total Processing Power1.952 TFLOPs(PS4) 182.2TFLOPs(XONE)

In truth there's less than a 7% difference in total processing power of the machines it's just spread out differently.

As far as the GFX are concerned we often forget that a game is made up of so much more... it all has to work.

What DX12 does for the XONE is allow it to use those co-processors and e-sram efficiently because you had to commit considerable time to get the MONO api to get things done and some features simply weren't present in it that will be in DX12

jden281324d ago

The bottom Line is That at the end of a day there is more to a console that just the cpu and gpu and many things to be done that require processing cycles and with less than 7% real world difference in years 2-4 we will see the resolution gate put to an end and games begin to look and behave very similar on both consoles.

For all of you saying that API's don't matter you're wrong and don't understand what they do. Software affect the efficiency of the hardware. Here's a basic example games written on Unreal Engine 2 compared with Games Written on Unreal Engine 4... same hardware huge difference in the results. Well why ... Because UE4 activates certain features of the hardware that UE2 doesn't and uses the hardware more efficiently.

Gilgamesh151325d ago

I am so over this conversation.

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Rhythmattic1325d ago

An intersting interview and verbatim it seems, not a copy paste job.

johndoe112111325d ago

Minute I saw the article heading I knew it was gamingbolt.

Rhythmattic1325d ago (Edited 1325d ago )

So you read the article?

Its actually very interesting.... (it seems) The interviewer has not deconstructed the interview, choosing an agenda..

Sure, Wardell is selling his project, but this interview is actually balanced for once.... Maybe because all questions answered are not doctored.

Edited for spellng

MrDead1325d ago (Edited 1325d ago )

I have to agree, this is a rare thing a Gamingbolt article that isn't like having a sewage outlet coming out of your monitor.

It's quite an in-depth interview, let’s hope they can keep it up.

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