The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Hopes and Fears

The Gameondaily crew share their hopes and fears for the upcoming game, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

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ArchangelMike1322d ago

My hope is that this game lives up to all the hype and expectation that is being placed on it, and that it becomes a commercial and critical success for CDPR.

My fear is that the game is so big that I might get lost exploring and exploring and never end up finishing the game :)

Adexus1322d ago

That's a good fear to have I think lol

ab5olut10n1322d ago

I have faith that it will deliver the goods.

Greyfoxdbz1322d ago

Everything in the witcher looks good but i hope the combat isn't as boring and repetitive as it looks.

Omnisonne1322d ago

..What would you consider good combat then?

It looks really well done. More focus on strategy, blocking, parrying and using a big selection of potions and spells to your aid.
Also, they took inspiration from the Souls series which requires you to be careful and adapt

Greyfoxdbz1322d ago

I dunno really, it has a lot of good stuff in it. like the signs look cool and stuff but there doesn't seem to be any balance between attacking and evading. Most of the videos i have seen, geralt is doing ballet instead of getting hits in. I'm all for difficult gameplay but there is too much evading and when you consider he is a powerful witcher it doesn't make sense to see him rolling through mud at the first twitch of a wolf's claw. I hope that the people playing just don't know how to parry properly or something. I'm getting this game regardless since i've been waiting since last E3 but the combat seems to be its weakest area in my opinion.

GamePeace1322d ago

My greatest fear is that it will be not a bloodborne gameplaywise. The combat looks solid, but it could get repetitive.

thekhurg1322d ago

Bloodborne combat wasn't repetitive?

Septic1322d ago

"My greatest fear is that it will be not a bloodborne gameplaywise"

What? Have you even played the Witcher games before?

ninsigma1322d ago

Just got a second 970 and a 1440p monitor for this so I really do hope it delivers xD