GameVortex E3 Preview: The Agency and DC Universe - Spies and Superheroes

Think of an MMO, any MMO, and I am willing to bet the first thing to jump into your head are visions of orcs, knights and legendary swords. While the MMO market has been dominated for most of its existence by medieval fantasy worlds, a few have tried to break the mold and try something different. While this usually involves replacing fantasy elements with sci-fi, SOE is taking a completely different route and bringing MMOs into the world of espionage with The Agency and comic books with DC Universe Online.

The Agency is an online first person shooter where you take the role of either a mercenary or spy as you compete against each other in a persistent world. The game isn't an MMO in the context that typically comes to mind, though it will offer plenty of opportunities to hook up with fellow agents and take on rivals.

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