New GTA 5 PC Patch Released, Reportedly Breaks Mods

Rockstar yesterday released a new patch for the PC version of Grand Theft Auto V. It introduces a variety of fixes, but also reportedly kills the ability to use mods, something that wasn't officially supported in the first place. So much of the PC master race ?

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thereapersson1321d ago

Another patch, another chance for modders to get back to work.

jay21321d ago (Edited 1321d ago )

****s leave us alone to have fun like this the games 2 years old why do people want to play it again on a 3rd piece of hardware. old gen, current gen then pc. let us have fun.

pompombrum1321d ago

Now Rockstar are going out of their way to stop modders? I can understand from the perspective on GTA Online but come on, this is ridiculous, modders kept GTA 4 relevant on PC all these years with all their hard work, only a complete and utter assholes would go out of their way to screw those guys over.

Shineon1321d ago (Edited 1321d ago )

What's the point of me buying this game if it can't be modded I already had the console version Stuff like this makes me glad I didn't buy this game again

Shineon1321d ago Show
Audiggity1321d ago

Because even without mods its vastly superior to other versions of GTA V?

That's not subjective opinion. Try running it at 4k on your PS4 or XB1 and using the Replay Editor with your own custom in-game music.

acekaze1321d ago

In my opinion all they should do is place some kinda of anti cheater, i am more than fine with people modding single player, not so much the online, and people using mods on the online should be banned.

GameSpawn1321d ago

Or do like they did on the console versions and send them all to their own pit of hell. Put all the online modders and cheaters on their own "dunce cap" server. It's better than banning because the cheaters cheat each other and ruin their own experience and will stop playing online with cheats out of pure rage.

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