NEW: Resistance 2 3 Minute Gameplay Video

A new 3 minute gameplay video of Resistance 2.

Please use view video link at bottom if video is not working.

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TheHater3655d ago

That hand gun look fricken insane. I can't wait to use that baby.

thePatriot3655d ago

why didnt he use the exploding bullets with the handgun? I didnt see any explosions. but points did pop up while he wasnt even shooting so maybe that was it or maybe just assist points

PoSTedUP3655d ago

I wanna see the turret gun yo that thing was sounding good.

Mc Fadge3655d ago

Because he didn't know how :P

Or at least it seemed so. It also appears that you can pick up undetonated bullets? (Note when he walks over the body of the first guy he kills)

Origin3655d ago

that exp was for being with ur squad

IC Weiner3654d ago

Well if you're getting exp for just being with your squad then they should keep the exp count away from your line of sights. I'm buying this first day nevertheless

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madestar3655d ago

hopefully i'll have time for madden.. i'm a big football face... but damn this game looks so addictive

Mc Fadge3655d ago

Play last years until then

MikeD1593655d ago

damn this looks amazing

ShinMaster3655d ago

That online-gameplay looks really good!

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The story is too old to be commented.