How Old Are Your Favorite Video Game Characters According to Microsoft's New App?

Gamespot run popular videogame characters through an age identification program that clearly struggles at times to discern ages correctly - often with hilarious results.

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98xpresent1321d ago (Edited 1321d ago )

I'm not really sure, probably A young adult lol

I'm talkin about jaks. Lol Clementine is 20 wtf

Articuno761321d ago

I pissed myself laughing when I saw that one. I guess the zombie apocalypse ages people :P

Insomnia_841321d ago

"Microsoft's new app"

It will never work properly by default.

Old_Prodigy1321d ago

It was written using the IE source code.

Agent_hitman1321d ago

Oh Lara, I don't care if you are 46+ yr old already. All I know is you are damn hot!

Old_Boss_1321d ago

Microsoft trolling much ? Big Boss is in his 40s in Ground Zereos and died when he was 79, What time did they based that 66 years old on ?

rawrock1321d ago

Well I know Sebastian from Evil Within is 37

Sarah_Ch1321d ago

Haha poor clementine this app killed her childhood innocence.

rainslacker1320d ago

LOL. yeah nothing in the games would have done that.

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The story is too old to be commented.