Project CARS in 4K: Recommended Graphic Cards

Without doubt, Project CARS is a beautiful game with a great level of details and realism. When played in 4K resolution, this games delivers a truly impressive car racing experiencing, where every detail of the screen can be appreciated.

However, playing in 4K is only possible with the PC version of the game and a good graphic card configuration. So what are the recommended graphic cards to play Project CARS in 4K?, gives a performance analysis on graphic cards configuration to play the game in 4K.

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Qrphe1326d ago

>980s in SLI

Welp, gonna wait till 2020 to get a 4K monitor then. Can't seem to play monitor games on anything less than 100hz

Nio-Nai1326d ago

That's because they are running things they shouldn't be....

You don't need MSAA, and you don't need FXAA, you don't need any of that stuff when you are playing at 4k, it does nothing to image quality but eat up memory at that resolution.

DonkeyDoner1326d ago (Edited 1326d ago )

"You don't need MSAA, and you don't need FXAA"
lol !!

Dasteru1326d ago


He is actually correct. At 4k resolution on a typical monitor, the pixel density is high enough that there is no visible aliasing. Depending on how high you set it, at that resolution AA can actually reduce image quality by over smoothing the image.

1080p/4x MSAA
1440p/2x MSAA
4k+/No AA

Any higher and you start to degrade image quality.

Volkama1326d ago

Interesting that they just say "maximum settings" and don't specify anti-aliasing levels. MSAA or super sampling at 4k contribute very little towards the image quality, and will utterly cripple performance. And FXAA typically makes a 4k image look worse, not better.

Personally I don't agree that AA is completely unnecessary at 4k, I often settle for 2xMSAA if I can push it. That yields a pristine image, but anything higher is a waste of performance imo.

T9001326d ago

The problem with the 980's is the limited VRAM 4GB is really nothing at 4k. Specially with how VRAM hungry games have become.

I would recommend atleast a GTX Titan or Titan X for 4k Gaming the additional VRAM really helps.

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FlyingFoxy1326d ago (Edited 1326d ago )

4K is a fad at the moment.

I'm interested, but game performance is terrible. I'd rather stick to 1080p or go with 1440p with a single high end card.

If Nvidia or AMD completely fix micro stuttering with multi gpu i would consider going 4K, but that obviously aint happening. All they do is reduce it in drivers, not fix. Plus multi card doesn't work in all games, too many downsides.

Qrphe1326d ago

Although 3K is definitely an upgrade from 1080p, it's more sensible for me to stay at 1080p144hz and single GPUs for the time being. Games are only getting more demanding anyway.

Revolver_X_1326d ago

Lol. Wow. I'd have to buy another 970 just to run 38fps. 4k gaming is out of my reach for the next 5 years. ;p

LifeInNZ1326d ago

But at least when you do upgrade you're not having to rebuy a higher res remaster of the game.

hiredhelp1326d ago (Edited 1326d ago )

I made a comment couple weeks ago i got Disagreed on if you want 4K at decent speeds you have to wait new line up if GPU chipsets also we be dropping GDDR5 going into some new tech (HBM) with high memory meaning 4K be running at better frame rates without needing crossfire or SLI or stupid high prices.
Even thoe stated as rumor these guys never been wrong they just say rumor cover themselvs and always know stuff before we do.

Nio-Nai1326d ago (Edited 1326d ago )

you don't need it, I have 3x R9 290s that cost me less than 2x GTX 980s, playing GTA V at 4k at over 100fps, I peaked in Dirt Rally on ultra at 110 and average 85 in the benchmark.

Each of these cards cost me $270 when I bought them last year. That's nearly the cost of what one GTX 980 was when it released at the same time I bought these.

hiredhelp1326d ago

You bought 290s for $270 BS oh the S is a X
As for disagrees lol stupid.

reversial1326d ago (Edited 1325d ago )


Kenshin_BATT0USAI1326d ago

I'm not surprised really, but holy shit, two 970s can pull off 38 fps? That's actually kinda cool. seems 1440p is definitely attainable though.

FlyingFoxy1326d ago (Edited 1326d ago )

I was actually considering getting a 4K monitor and 2 upcoming R9 390's, but what with micro stuttering still existing i'd rather not bother.

I might go 1440p 144hz this year, those new freesync screens look nice, or stick to 1080p 120hz. The fluidity makes a large difference in games, and i think single cards are just getting to handle 1440p quite well now.

4K struggles to stay at 30-40fps, sorry but that's just not enjoyable to me. After playing games at 60 avg or even 120fps for the last few yrs, dropping down to 30 really sucks. Dropping to around 40 is good, but i really start to feel it when it hits 35 and below. And no this isn't a troll post, just posting from experience.

Nio-Nai1326d ago

Microstutter exists in the sub ms/s range.. and hasn't even been noticeable since 2010, look at the reported benchmarks, if you are smart you will notice the scaling they do, unlike looking at how the high the graph goes...

And 4k doesn't struggle to stay at anything, I've had no issues with my system running with even 3x 290s, many games have run well over the 200 range. At highest settings Insurgency runs at 340+fps if I leave it unlocked at 3840x2160... And honestly it looks better than anything on the console market once you start pushing up your resolution.

Oschino19071326d ago (Edited 1326d ago )

"And honestly it looks better than anything on the console market once you start pushing up your resolution."

You just mentioned you spent over $800 last year on upgrading your graphics cards alone, I would hope it performs better compared to a $400 console.

Oschino19071326d ago (Edited 1326d ago )

Message I was sent

"don't make this about consoles (4k)
While it's true it cost me twice the price off my Ps4 (399) vs roughly 800, However.

My PC performs at 4 times the resolution and well over 1000% higher framerate to resolution on the ps4 at the same time.

So don't be dumb"

Blanket statement much?

But how much did your whole setup cost and how much are you spending in electricity just to run it?

So don't pretend I am dumb.

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