Bloodborne Fan Theories And Endings Explained

David Lins writes: "These questions and more can be answered if you search the game for clues and piece them together. Nothing will be spelled out for you, and a lot of finer details are left solely to speculation. Still, the community has a few things figured out. As we go forward, I should warn you: everything you are about to read is purely speculation. It is backed by evidence within the game, but nothing is concrete—it is simply myself and many members of the community theorizing about the game’s story."

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-Foxtrot1324d ago

That certainly cleared a few things up. Love the game but they need to work on how they tell the overall story.

rdgneoz31324d ago

They've always left the souls series up to interpretation for the most part. If you look deep into the game, you'll find out a bunch of things you didn't notice. Read the item descriptions, listen to what the NPCs say, explore.

If you want a few good videos to watch, check out EpicNameBro. He's done videos on the lore for the souls games and has a work in progress atm for BB. From Software apparently liked what he did in the past and hired him to help with the collectors edition guide for BB.

Forn1324d ago

I love how shrouded in mystery Miyazaki games are.

PaleMoonDeath1324d ago

Wow, that as actually a great read, I want to knwo more about the Moon Presence monster, not knowing that much about it makes it very, very interesting.