Xbox One to Windows 10 streaming feels just like console gaming

Windows 10 streamed Sunset Overdrive at its full resolution, and there weren't any major issues or delays.

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iTechHeads1321d ago ShowReplies(5)
StrayaKNT1321d ago

I think snap is the best next gen killer app. This is huge though.

Volkama1320d ago

But snap sucks. It's nice in principle, but performs like a dog. An old fat dog that's hind legs are going.

Redgehammer1320d ago

That is not my experience with the snap/goto spp features.

Kingdomcome2471320d ago

I haven't had any issues to speak of with snap really, aside from when manually snapping instead of using my Kinect it still occasionally only registers as one button press in turn taking me to the dashboard instead of snapping. What issues are you having with it?. I enjoy snap, but it's not a huge deal for me. My usage of the snap feature is almost always when snapping achievements/Skype, and I will admit that I personally do love having the ability to snap achievements and track them in real time.

Volkama1320d ago

I just find it clunky and unresponsive for a good few seconds after snapping pretty much any app. As such I hardly use it at all, so perhaps the old dog recovered and became quite spritely?

JasonChalker1320d ago

your fanboysim is showing

Volkama1320d ago

My "fanboyism"? Tell me Watson, who do I cheer for?

Kal0psia1320d ago

Yeah the feature is laggy, but no doubt it'll increase in performance overtime. I use it occasionally when I really need it.

rainslacker1320d ago

LOL. They don't even recognize their own when you criticize their console of choice volk. I know you're not a fan boy, but always thought you had a strong preference for Xbox, and maybe some for PC.

Volkama1319d ago

Close! I do like the xbox and the PC. But I like the PS4 at least as much.

Not been impressed by the wii u so far to be honest, but partly cos it stopped working before I got to play much.

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Drekken1320d ago

If we are talking about best next gen function, I would have to say that feature is Shareplay.

Immorals1320d ago

Share play might have been if it didn't render your ps4 useless.

Drekken1320d ago

Do you even know what shareplay is? You can stream your game to a friend, pass the controller and let them try, or have someone that doesn't own the game play with you for onscreen coop games. Totally useless.

Mrveryodd1320d ago

Share play is cool if you got someone to share play with.
Not to many people in my age groupe ( over 50 ) play games anymore .... sad really cause we got the money most of the time......;)

choujij1321d ago

"Windows 10 streamed Sunset Overdrive at its full resolution"

Would have preferred to see it stream a 1080p Xbone game.

Volkama1320d ago

MS said previously that it's be 720p at first. If they've upped it before release that's good news.

Kingdomcome2471320d ago

Sunset Overdrive is 900p, so I guess they've already upped it some.

Volkama1320d ago

Yeah, that point makes me wonder whether the article is accurate. The Xbox won't output 900p natively, so is it actually streaming 900p or is it streaming the upscaled 1080p image? The latter seems more likely, but the way the article is written suggests the question wasn't asked. So it could be anything.

d_g1320d ago (Edited 1320d ago )

looks very cool

youtube link

Kavorklestein1320d ago

Awesome! My wife is gonna love being able to use the tv while play xbox in the other room haha. and, it will be way more convenient than moving the Xbox into the other room!

BL8CK1CE1320d ago

you are so right!!!!! my wife always complains that I am on the big tv all the time...... just received my new pc for this specifically

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