IGN: E3 '08: Fable 2 Down and Dirty

If you like, you can be as innocent and polite as a choir boy in Fable 2. Or you can be a little devil. And isn't it always more fun to be evil? Once you step down the path to the dark side, you'll find so many pleasures that were previously off limits. You can kill just about anybody you want, steal from unguarded cash registers and fart in anybody's general direction all you like. That's just child's play though. When IGN sat down with Peter Molyneux at this year's E3, they learned a few of the truly shady things you can do in Fable 2.

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m233774d ago

This game is going to be great and I love the detail and amount of things you are able to do in the game. I loved the first game despite what people say about it being a letdown.

Xi3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

this game sounds like it would be the absolute best mmo experience to date.

c'mon, an mmo where you can give someone an STD... Or get them pregnant, buy/sell houses, run shops, get married, pay people to do deeds for you and have an extremely customizable character etc. It would be amazing.

TheXgamerLive3774d ago

Fable 2, I'm so freakin excited for this one.

I loved the first fable but now I hope, we really get to see peters true vision come alive.

Turntable Jack3774d ago

fable 1 was a great game and people bash it because it was way over-hyped.

However, fable 2 sounds a ton better than what was already a great game.