Streaming Xbox One Games to a Windows 10 PC Is Awesome | The Verge

The Verge: "At its Build developers conference in San Francisco this week, Microsoft is demonstrating Xbox One game streaming to Windows 10 PCs to the public for the first time. I got a chance to try it, and it's as awesome as I had hoped."

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XboxDD1241d ago

Very impressive, there is almost no lag.

magiciandude1241d ago

Other than being very excited about this, I have no clue what else to say...

darthv721241d ago

I can see people using this like those who have a wii-u do off tv play.

I find myself using the gamepad to play mario kart while watching tv downstairs as the kids are racing against me upstairs.

nicksetzer11241d ago

Almost no lag, sure. But are many people really going to use this? I know I never will, I would rather just use my TV.

1241d ago
gfk3421241d ago (Edited 1241d ago )


Yea, I know the situation, but I have a PS TV and I stream on the TV from my bedroom.

It would be nice if MS implements the streaming the other way around, from the PC to X1. This will be a cool feature.

nicksetzer11241d ago

@gfk now that I would use.

Mikefizzled1241d ago

That almost exists, You can stream your phone to your XB1 as shown by Mr Abraiel of Dualshockers.

nicksetzer11241d ago (Edited 1241d ago )

@mike I was talking more as this is. The entire interface transfers and allows you to use the XB1 controller, friend's list, etc.

If you could stream your PC to your xbox one and interface the controller and friends list, etc that would be awesome. Would really expand the game library for PC and xb1, pretty much any game can be played on the other.

As is you CAN stream the video content from your PC to your xbox, it is not really synchronized too well and does not access any type of input method. You could use a controller to the PC, but with the video delay (minimal for videos and mirroring) the input delay is too much For games.

Cueil1241d ago

@Nick They're working on that as well so you'll get your wish it's just not a priority

DarthZoolu1240d ago

I don't like moving my xbox from room to room when I want to play in the bed room. Soon I will be able to just hook my laptop up to my bedroom tv. GREAT!

nicksetzer11240d ago

@darth, actually, that is pretty awesome, never thought about that.

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kevnb1241d ago

why would there be any lag when the devices are right next to each other?

Mikefizzled1241d ago

Your tech knowledge comes off as a little naive.

kevnb1241d ago (Edited 1241d ago )

no, not at all. You shove a router and the two devices right next to each other, of course it will work well. Nvidia and valve already have similar solutions that work quite well as long as the network connection is strong on both the devices.

Volkama1240d ago (Edited 1240d ago )

Agree, if Valve can do 4k in home streaming without perceivable latency then it's pretty safe to say Microsoft should be able to deliver a good experience as well.

Steam streaming's biggest shortcoming at the moment is that you can only stream stereo sound. When they fix that (and they will) you could almost get the top of the line experience on the satellite PC.

I hope Microsoft take a good look at getting games streaming independently of applications. It would be great to be able to stream Xbox games to another room while the family can use Amazon Prime or Netflix or whatever.

hello121241d ago (Edited 1241d ago )

It has to be coming out soon.

My internet is crappy 6 down 312kb upload i will try test this out when it releases i have the most recent up to date win10 dashboard installed.

1080p 60hertz be cool it goes that high?

[email protected] I struggle to run Youtube videos at 720p 60 frames why would be different when i am streaming games to another device?

Surely streaming will be depend on bandwidth. I be more then happy to me wrong i will find out when i test it.

Software_Lover1241d ago

Your external internet speed provided by your ISP should have no bearing on your internal device-to-device wifi speed. Unless you're using an old router.

oSHINSAo1241d ago

i don't think this has anything to do with you broadband speed, but with your lan speed, you have to be connect to your Router, so i'm guessing if you are closer to it, will present less lag than if it's far, and you'll have less lag if you connect via ethernet.

is this feature will be available via Internet?

Cueil1241d ago

I'm sure that someone will get some tunneling software working you could probably get it to work with a VPN

bleedsoe9mm1241d ago

time for a new router , no ?

Rookie_Monster1241d ago

It is streaming through your local network and unless you are attempting to do it from your neighbor's house, there shouldn't be any issue as long as your router is fast enough. This is not the same as a service like PS NOW in which you have to connect to a remote server somewhere.

kainslayer1240d ago

my internet is 3.3 down 150 kb upload....wannna fight?

Volkama1240d ago

Mine is rated for 0.5-1.5 down. People still discard buckets of poo into the streets round these parts.

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micx1241d ago

Windows 10 will be a great OS, especially for gamers.

magiciandude1241d ago

I have been using the Windows 10 developer preview on an old laptop since it released and it's far better than Windows 8.1. The day I can upgrade my main laptop to Windows 10 just can't come soon enough. The ability to stream my Xbox One is just one of many reasons why Windows 10 will be amazing. The best part, it's free for anyone with Windows 7 and above.

Godz Kastro1241d ago

I kind of don't see the point as it renders the x1 useless as it streams.

Gamer7771241d ago

The point of this is to allow you to play your xbox one games on the go by using a laptop.

rdgneoz31241d ago

"allow you to play your xbox one games on the go"

Actually, the video at 1:20 mentions that for now it is only possible to play on the local network. He says that you can't stream games for when you go on vacation (which people have videos of them playing half way across the world using the remote play with PS4).

Immorals1241d ago

I live with my girlfriend, the amount of times I've been kicked off because she wants to watch TV..

This would solve it!

Rookie_Monster1241d ago

My wife and kids can watch their daily prime time TV shows in the living room while I get to play Halo 5 in the comfort of my work PC monitor without having to buy a second XB1 or moving it. That my friend is what is great about it.

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