Apple Watch gaming review roundup: Lifeline, Rules!, Trivia Crack, Spy_Watch | Post Arcade

A few Apple Watch games stand out from the crowd as enjoyable experiences, and one of them might be onto something, bringing a new kind of video game genre to Apple Inc’s first wearable that’s surprisingly perfectly suited to the Apple Watch’s limitations as a gaming device.

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pat_11_51321d ago

I still see potential in the platform. Here's hoping better games start to come out for it (Spy_Watch really does work).

tastas211321d ago

lmao what a waste of money.

thrust1319d ago

If you can not afford it then it's not aimed at you or for you!

Immorals1319d ago

It's a serious waste of money.

Apple fans would buy an iToe Ring if they went on sale..

Agent_hitman1320d ago

Apple Watch gaming = Bullcrap!