Mortal Kombat: The History, The Brutality, and The Future

Gaming Rebellion's own, Stephen Wilds, takes us on a journey through the history of one of the most beloved fighting franchises of all time: Mortal Kombat. Experience the history, the brutality, and the future!

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Kakashi Hatake1324d ago (Edited 1324d ago )

Sick of Scorpion being the poster boy of the series. He's never had a big role in MK outside of Deadly Alliance. He's only plastered on the front of everything because he's Boons favorite character. Imagine if Harada (Tekken creator) randomly put Bryan Fury on the front of Tekken games just because he's his favorite character. So annoying.

aggrosky1324d ago

That IS true... But he does make a good poster boy I guess...

oscarjpink1324d ago

This is a good game. when i am a baby, i ussualy play this game. this game is being developed more and more.

Great game!