Enter battle with up to 256 players in this massive online campaign

Enter battle with up to 256 players in this massive online campaign.

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CViper3773d ago

I wish target renders showed the viewpoint that you should be playing.

decapitator3773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

Dont worry man, we will be seeing an official gameplay video soon. According what I have been reading from insiders, the game looks pretty good for its massive scale and everything is progressing well so no worries. :)

EDIT: And this game is from ZIPPER...i mean its ZIPPER of all developers. It will deliver.

rexor07173773d ago

I hope it could look as good as Warhawk. Thats not to high of a bar.

Angelitos3773d ago

Is your M$ gonna bribe this game for your system? Oh that's right, SONY is publishing this game :)

eagle213773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

lol, they wish.... :)

@strikingdmc4 (below)......the irony is your screen name contains yet another MULTIPLATFORM game.....LMAO

StrikingDmc43773d ago

Enter the lagfest with up to 256 players in this massive lagging and fragfest online campaign

morganfell3773d ago

Why should you be? The explanation though simple is far beyond your feeble mental grasp. And the fact you are here says everything about you. Oh, look there you are...

themyk3773d ago

hey striking say it with me ok.

d e d i c a t e d s e r v e r s

i know it's hard for you bots.
but life on the other side isn't full of laggy games and 13 year olds.

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jebarru3773d ago

is this really ps3 exclusive?

PooPooPlatter3773d ago

Zipper Interactive was acquired by Sony back in 2006.

So yes first party exclusive.

Silogon3773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

I'm not feeling the CG in this game. Sorry. Also, I bet it's going to be a FPS. They all are. I mean, we've been without a FPS for so long now, more so one that plays online death matches!!!!

themyk3773d ago

I bet it's going to be a FPS. They all are

you do know who is making this don't you. so why would you assume it's a fps.

socom hello

OOG3773d ago

I need to see gameplay b4 I believe that this game will work out.....

and if it does run good I still doubt a battle with 256 people will be fun...hell 32 players gets stupid hectic sometimes....with all the people that play online that are not good in the first place....imagine 200+ kids that suck....IN ONE GAME!

xhi43773d ago

your worrying about 256 kids who suck, i'm worrying about 256 players that would woop my ass.

Spawn. Die. Spawn. Die. haha

i think they've figured out how to work it though because they said they're grouping people into leaders and 8 player squads in a massive fricken war (which will be so mad) and that VP said they've already been beta testing it internally and it works so I doubt theyd make a game and invest in something that doesn't work and no one will buy...

Aclay3773d ago

They are breaking down the game into squads so that every person has an objective, it's not just going to be 256 players head-to-head with one another. Zipper Interactive were successful with SOCOM and they know how to pull off an Online Game the right way.

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The story is too old to be commented.