GAME Announces Bonus Pre-Order Merchandise for Call of Duty: Black Ops III

Retailer GAME has announced today that “exclusive merchandise” will be included with pre-orders for the upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops III.

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XboxDD1298d ago

First Gamestop, now this. Like preorder incentives weren't enough, now we have exclusive preorder incentives.

LaFleur1298d ago

Pre-orders are becoming ridiculous, especially the ones that are 'exclusive' to places like GameStop and GAME.

XboxDD1298d ago

I hate when they do it. It just screws the buyers.

clouds51297d ago (Edited 1297d ago )

There is one simple way to stop pre-orders: Don't buy it. But it seems that alot of people like pre-ordering games so it is a viable business strategy. As long as they don't get a crazy unfair item as a bonus which would make it mandatory to pre-order I couldn't care less. Just don't pre-order and forget that it exists.

I'm totally not a fan of preordering and this early access and day one DLC etcetc. It's all complete bullshit and should go away. But obviously there are people that enjoy that kind of product! So who am I to argue. If there is a need for something game companies will provide it because they need to make money. You can always choose if you want to spend money on something or not.
Again as I've said the only no-go is bonus content that gives you an advantage thus forcing you to pre-order if you want to be competitive. I didn't play it myself but I heard Evolve was pretty bad in that regard...

ValKilmer1298d ago

Wow, GAME is getting in on the hype early.

Who would pre-order a game before it's even been shown off, though?

Kurisu1298d ago (Edited 1298d ago )

I traded in a few games at GAME a few days ago, and I got given a Black Ops 3 Beta code. I'm not one for FPS but I'll give it a go whenever the beta date is announced. I tried the Battlefield Hardline Beta, died, died, died, and deleted. The same will happen here as well, most probably xD

TeamLeaptrade1297d ago

Never was a huge fan of pre-ordering games. I like the idea of getting physical stuff for doing it, but I'm good with waiting a bit longer to get my games.

micx1297d ago

The problem with this practice GAME enforces is that people preordering from other stores will get wronged.