Opinion: Nintendo Thinks Girl Gamers are Idiots?

After watching Nintendo's press conference, and specifically the behavior of Nintendo's Cammie Dunaway, Binge Gamer's Allison Boyer has had just about all she can take of this "new" Nintendo:

"It's like Nintendo is giving the big middle finger to girls in gaming. No, I take that back. Nintendo doesn't have the balls to give us the middle finger. They're writing mean things about us on the junior high bathroom walls with dark red lipstick, and then smiling and pretending to be our BFFs to our faces. Well guess what, Nintendo. Becky Henderson told Jeannie Richards who told me that she saw you do it. You're not invited to our sleepover anymore, so there."

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Angelitos3803d ago

hahahahaha, imagine how pissed this girl would be, if she had a fixme dvd player that keeped breaking on her.

CViper3803d ago


kidding kidding.

Bestgameever3802d ago

The ones that wished for more hardcore games?

doshey3803d ago

haha no one can lie that was funny watching the women play video games during ms and Nintendo conference

LKane3803d ago

Guys will stop laughing at girls playing video games when girls stop steering with their non-motion sensing controller in driving games.

juuken3803d ago

Oh no they didn'...-___-
Nintendo, I praised you for selling the most hardware and you're trying to diss girl gamers? Well, this is one girl gamer who can kick some serious ass!

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The story is too old to be commented.