Reasons why 2009 > 2008 for PS3 has written an article regarding the PS3's life beyond 2008 and writes:-

"So what has the Playstation 3 got to offer in the year 2009 and how it will be better than 2008. Don't get me wrong, 2008 has a very strong line up with the following games being released; Socom Confrontation, Wipeout HD, LittleBigPlanet, Motorstorm 2 and Resistance 2. It doesn't stop there, 2009 will be even better!

First of all, Killzone 2 will be released at the beginning of 2009, february, which will make a great start to the year."

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Angelitos3806d ago

For PS3

L.A. Noire
Killzone 2
FF13 Verses
Heavy Rain
Uncharted 2
Tekken 6
White Knight Chronicles

And these are just the ones I could think of right now

GiantEnemyCrab3806d ago

LA Noire is not a PS3 exclusive so take that off your list. Killzone 2 is looking good and that has a launch month/year but I have a question for you.

On your list can you tell me the launch month/year for any of those games?

I am not going to get all hard up and go and fetch the list of games for the 360 but I can tell you there is nothing to feel sorry for xbots about.

PoSTedUP3806d ago

it was a rumor that its not exclusive.... well see what happens.

StrikingDmc43806d ago

see how he added the verses at the end of FFXIII lol

thePatriot3806d ago

360 has a 09 game list?
where is that thing?

juuken3806d ago

Crab...I'm sorry but the PS3 list kills everything in the 360 lineup. You want action? Sony has action games. You want adventure? They have that too. You want strategy? Got that too. You want puzzles? That's there too. Sony's becoming very appealing to the casual market and it won't be long until they finally get their well-deserved recognition.

Denial is your worst enemy.

beoulve3806d ago

well, at least next year, Microsoft still has GiantEnemyCrab. LOL

San anto3805d ago

I actually feel 2008 and 2009 is already ps3 for the taking, we havnt seen sh!t from the competitors, absolutely nothin.

Veryangryxbot3805d ago

are Sony's years. And I agree that 2008 will end explosive. But whether the bots like it or not, 2009 is even better!

This is why people and analyst call PS3 catching MO MEN TUM.
Aka build up.

360 on the hand is looking mightily bleak. If multi platform titles is all they have left, than they are pretty much DEAD in the water.

I cant wait untill PS3 destroys the little bit of whats left of the 360.

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Breakfast3806d ago (Edited 3806d ago )

...would have been a better year, if Final Fantasy was still an exclusive.

Oh well...too bad.


eagle213806d ago

Every game in the Fabula Nova Crystallis FFXIII Collection is headed to PS3. :P

Breakfast3806d ago

Yea, but eagle21...look at this way:

FF13 is coming to the Xbox 360.


Chad Warden3806d ago

And Versus isn't. Your point, Breakfast? Final Fantasy is still exclusive to PS3 where it matters the most. Japan. Not to mention if they announce the remake in August it's going to be PS3 exclusive because Sony owns the rights for that one. Cry more, Breakfast. You 360 owners have nothing left, as proved by M$ at E3. Zero new exclusives announced. ;)

Breakfast3806d ago

Final Fantasy 13 is coming to the Xbox 360.


doshey3806d ago

and ps3 point is we still get the game too and it is going to sell best on ps3 so too bad dude

mikeslemonade3806d ago

Nope Breakfast, the point is we are talking about 2009 which is when FFXIII is exclusive for PS3. It won't be late 2010 before FFXIII will be arriving for 360. And at that point it won't even matter anymore because it won't sell systems.

juuken3806d ago (Edited 3806d ago )

Breakfast is a strange child....*shakes head*
Yes Breakfast, FFXIII is coming to the 360 but will it actually moves the sales of the 360? They just got hammered by Sony and Nintendo combined.

beoulve3806d ago (Edited 3806d ago )

hahha FFXIII is 2010, keep on waiting buddy. Can't read article and differentiate years? SAD DUDE

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niall773806d ago (Edited 3806d ago )

MGS4, LBP and Resistance2 this year

inFamous, Killzone2 and God of War3 next year so far the big killer apps And you know insomniac will have something as always

prolly a new Naughtydog game and maybe GT5 and the offchange of team ico's new game

09 is looking good now that I think of it

LeSouteneur3806d ago

both years have GREAT exclusives. And not to mention that this year included the defining moment of Blu ray victory. I'm glad to be a PS3 owner. Blu ray, tons of great games and exclusives, free online that's constantly updated... Thank you S O N Y.

chaosatom3806d ago (Edited 3806d ago )


@Breakfast, Microsoft can try as hard as they like by stealing exclusives, but the only way they can go is.....down.

Final Fantasy 13 for xbox is going to do nothing in hardware department.

Even if it does, it will NEVER outdo ps3 hardware that will be sold because of FFX13.

FACT: Just look at who sold more hardware because of GTA.

Breakfast3806d ago (Edited 3806d ago )

Not with the -stolen exclusive- they call Final Fantasy 13.

Xbox 360, 2009 - 2010 lineup:

- Final Fantasy 13

...thats all you gotta know.


Edit @ Below:

Its still coming


Chad Warden3806d ago (Edited 3806d ago )

Sorry Breakfast but FFXIII is coming to PS3 first. It's PS3 exclusive in Japan lol. And the PS3 is lead platform for it. They haven't even started working on the 360 port yet. Enjoy the downgraded experience, bro. PS3 gets the original. Don't you have any 360 EXCLUSIVE games to talk about? Clearly Microsoft doesn't lol. They didn't even announce any new games at E3. Lips lol.

FungLip3806d ago

Really? So you're saying FF13(a multi-platform game) alone beats 360's 2008 line up?

mistertwoturbo3805d ago

Sony is barely showing us a turtle's head peek of exclusive games they have.

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Chad Warden3806d ago (Edited 3806d ago )


- MGS4
- Resistance 2
- Motorstorm 2: Pacific Rift
- LittleBigPlanet
- Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm
- WipEout HD
- SOCOM: Confrontation
- Valkyria Chronicles
- Disgaea 3
- BioShock (exclusive DLC)
- Eternal Sonata (exclusive multiple endings, new characters, new costumes)

2009 (so far..)

- White Knight Chronicles
- Wardevil
- God of War III
- Killzone 2
- Heavy Rain
- Gran Turismo 5
- DC Universe
- The Agency

mikeslemonade3806d ago

Breakfast you are correct because FFXIII is timed exclusive for PS3 in 2009.

Chad Warden3806d ago (Edited 3806d ago )

Oh wait what? Versus XIII is the one most people were looking forward to and that one is PS3 exclusive. I didn't list it because it's not coming in 2009. As for FFXIII, it's still exclusive to PS3 in Japan. Which version do you think will sell the most copies? ROFL

Try harder Breakfast. Don't waste my time. Funny how the biggest 360 game is multi-platform, with the PS3 version being the superior one out of the two rofl. That's all you guys have left to talk about. Multi-plats. Where are your new exclusives? Do you even have any? Well there's Lips lol.

Breakfast3806d ago

Uh...who cares.

Final Fantasy is coming to the Xbox 360.


AlienGorilla3806d ago (Edited 3806d ago )

You crack me the f*ck up.

I think you love getting people worked up as much as i do.

I'd give you 10 bubbles if i could, but i can't, so here's one.

@ Chad Warden

You are delusional if you think Versus is more wanted than XIII. Versus is just the Fanboy binky everyone is using to comfort themselves now that XIII is going multiplat.

I don't get it. You still have a PS3. You still get XIII. What does it matter now that 360 owners get to play it too? It Baffles my f*ckin mind.

Origin3806d ago

its coming to the 360 the year the new xbox launches

thePatriot3806d ago (Edited 3806d ago )

twisted metal
pixel junk dungeons
uncharted 2 (probably, naughty dog takes about year - 1 and a half)
rachet and clank future 2 (I guess, one year rachet one year resistance
1-3 suprises
if not this holiday season then next tru price cut of $100
where is nobi nobi boy (from catamari damaci creator)
maybe even the next incognito game
Insomniac new stidio will have a game engine form the start but probably a very late 09 or probably 2010
we can probably expect something from the japan studio that gave us folklore in 09 hopefully something just as unique and new
im probably missing some of them

StayHigh3806d ago

We didnt even included the PSN games either..There so many games out there to push PS3 sales..

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kalistyles3806d ago

but still. It's gonna release on like 5 or 6 discs. I would rather play it on the PS3. It'll sell much better on the PS3. It won't sell that well on the 360. I guarantee it. It may reach a million on that system. "MAY" being the key word.