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Dealspwn: " Project Root blithely assembles the worst parts of scrolling SHMUPs and open world shooters into a complete mess. Lacklustre presentation, an inappropriate progression system and plenty of bugs on all formats round out a thoroughly disappointing package.

It's clear that OPQAM didn't really understand what made their inspirations so successful in the first place."

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Jourdy2881322d ago

Oh man, it's that bad? I liked the idea of Project Root; too bad it turned out like this.

Blues Cowboy1322d ago (Edited 1322d ago )

To be fair Dealspwn actually uses the whole rating system.

"3 – BAD: Undeniably bad. Games that get a 3 or under actively alienate and push away the gamer with their faults. It’s here that you’ll start getting glaring technical issues that prevent you from getting even a sniff of enjoyment from the game."

A lot of sites would usually give a 5 or 6.

theXtReMe11322d ago

Do not believe this review. I played the game for hours upon hours and it is a great classic shoot em up. Anybody that would rate this game at a three... should not be playing classic games. It's basically an open world shooter, that allows you to fly anywhere, with power ups and bosses. Think of your favorite side scroller or top scroller, except that there are no constraints and you can fly anywhere you want to, but still have structured goals to meet, to finish the level. Nice visuals, though nothing groundbreaking, with zero slow down. The controls are simple, yet work effectively.

It's very challenging, yet fair. I would easily give this game an 8.

Ron_Danger1322d ago

Agree 100%

I played it for 3 hours last night on the Vita and loved every second.

It seems like reviews these days are just turning into rants. Journalists seem like they feel they can hold devs hostage with their "reviews".

What made me but the game?
Great screen shots and great vids of gameplay.

theXtReMe11322d ago

Yep. I started playing on my Vita, then started playing again on my PS4... Earning trophies on borh systems. The game is pure crack! The gameplay is fantastic and I haven't experienced one glitch yet.

Reviewers, a score of 4 or less should be saved for games that are absolutely broken. Glitchy to the point of ruining a games progression. Not because you cant handle the difficulty or its not your type of game. If it's not your type of game, you shouldn't be playing and reviewing it anyways.

This game, even at its worst, should be no less than a seven in anybody's mind. If it is, then you need to find somebody on your staff who enjoys playing classic arcade shoot em ups... let them play and review it.

Blues Cowboy1316d ago

Erm, well there are now loads of negative reviews out there. Push Square 4/10, Koalition 41%, Gamespew 4.5/10... sorry, but you might just have low standards. How long has it been since you played a classic shooter? Compared to RefleX, Kamui, Ikaruga, Gradius, R-Type, Raystorm, anything you can mention, it's shockingly poor.

superchiller1322d ago

Dealspwn really has terrible, poorly written "reviews". Just click on the website URL below the "read full review", and down vote the story and website. Junk reviews don't deserve the attention.

marloc_x1322d ago

Fair enough, Jonathan Lester. Well written and engaging review!

superchiller1321d ago (Edited 1321d ago )

What are you talking about? I'm not "Jonathan Lester", you seem to be confused (as usual, no surprise, lol).

But sadly, your one little bubble is gone, so we won't be able to see any more witless comments from you here, will we? So very sad. ;)