Twelve Interactive Now Official PS3 Dev

Sony has announced that Twelve Interactive has become an official Playstation 3 developer. The next project from the company will be a sci-fi action game due out sometime in the next year or so. Click read more for the full press info.


Crotone, Italy,7th December 2007. - Leading game developer, Twelve Interactive has announced that it has become a PlayStation3 (PS3) official developer. "We are very excited about working on such an incredible machine like the PS3", commented Giuseppe Crugliano, Managing Director and founder of Twelve Interactive. "Our next project, (an undisclosed Sci-Fi action game for Next-Gen consoles), will benefit from the tremendous power of the machine, presenting us with limitless creativity/ideas. We are also confident about the great Sony support offered, that already has helped our company to improve our current title, Crash Dummy Vs The Evil D-Troit on PSP and PS2."

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Master of Menace4365d ago

A Sci-Fi Game! I love these guys already. And they know a what a great system PS3 is. Ahhh.

Juevani4365d ago (Edited 4365d ago )

Sony is back on track, they're doin it again, believe me this is just a start, soon will rock star and the others come back runnin 2 sony... much love 4 u sony, I feel sorry for u ms freakss who got so excited this last mounths, but the fun is soon over kids, santa is not comin this year its the Ps3

Leo Atrox4365d ago

Just curious, but who is this "leading game developer?" Are they responsible for any decent games to date? The name sounds familiar, but I can't think of anything they've done before.

InMyOpinion4364d ago

A Crash Dummies-game...dummies developing for dummies then, lol!

Marriot VP4365d ago

are you two really so desperate to latch on to this developer like it's important. They made one game I've never heard of.

Leo Atrox4365d ago

I checked out your link and their company web site. I'm not too impressed with their products so far. I guess folks can still hope that they'll come out with a quality product.

videl4365d ago

bungie made halo, and did you know them before halo, i think not. i bought a ps3 and i am so happy it will come in 10 days. cant wait. fack!

nambo4365d ago (Edited 4365d ago )

They have a long history. I believe they were created in 1991. I remember they created a great FSP for the Mac called Marathon. Since then they've made several very good games including Myth and of course the Halo games. To compare this company with Bungie just shows you don't know what you're talking about.

Marriot VP4365d ago

yah videl, your right, I guess any two-bit developer can make a game like Halo. Not saying these guys are bad, just that you can't hold on to high hopes to deliver games.

How many developers out there??? A lot, what makes you think that one developer who made a game like this will ever make a good game for the PS3. Stop making yourself feel better by fooling yourself.

The game isn't even ranked on any websites, it basically doesn't exist.

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