Final Fantasy 15's all-male cast might be exactly what gaming needs

GR:"Square Enix really wants you to know that there's a good reason Final Fantasy 15 has an all-male main cast. No really, it's cool - it makes the characters "more approachable for players" by showing "what boys do when girls aren't around", and pardon me while I gently tap my head against this wall for a second. It's a clumsily-worded justification that suggests female characters somehow aren't approachable, and has sparked yet another conversation about how women in games are treated. And the worst part is that it's a justification that didn't really need to be made - a game that centers on a sincere portrayal of male friendship is a genuinely great idea that deserves to exist."

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-Foxtrot1326d ago

I'm not bothered they are all male...I'm bothered that they are look similar. I mean fair enough Noctis is Noctis, he is the main guy but they're all in black and from what I've seen and played most of them act similar.

There's no flair to the rest

Snookies121326d ago (Edited 1326d ago )

Who's to say they don't change outfits in the game? Also, they act similar because they've been around each other for quite some time. You tend to get into a groove with friends you've known for a while. Just about everyone, some to a lesser extent, act certain ways around certain people.

-Foxtrot1326d ago

Well if you did you would think Square would of said something or even showed it off to silence the criticism.

I like it when there's a team from all backgrounds with their own styles

shay1591325d ago (Edited 1325d ago )

There are points the clothes are changed, but they may be story related only.
In a presentation on the art of FFXV it was shown that Noctis still wears the formal suit he adorned in one of the Versus XIII trailers.
Of course, as this game occasionally makes use of CGI customizing our outfits whenever we see fit is most likely out in the interest of continuity.

smashman981326d ago

They do not all act the same. And the reason their clothes are similar should be obvious. Noctus is royalty and royalty where he comes from dresses in black. For the sake of uniformity so do the people that he is with after all its not befitting a prince to hang out with a bunch of mismatching people. But back to them acting the same Hell no they don't. prompto is a coward, ignus is cultured and polite, and noctus is lazy and aloof and magnus is strong and brave warrior type.

-Foxtrot1326d ago

I didn't so all...I said most

Harkins17211325d ago

The entire Mafia kingdom is dressed in black. Obviously they're dressed in black due to their home turf.

Eiyuuou1325d ago (Edited 1325d ago )

How did you feel about the original designs? Better or worse?

I put in the feedback that adding those as extras might please a lot of the players.

paradigmfellow1325d ago

This is an example of the word coterie.

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TheGamez1001325d ago

ehhhh im sure we'll have some girls as guests like stella/luna, having an all male party would have em act more comfortably around eachother which has its positives

cmgs1325d ago

There's no need to be an apologist. The game will speak for itself. Criticising beforehand is just another form of prejudice.

JohnathanACE1325d ago

Ironically, any women who are Otome (Otaku stuff aimed at a female audience) will love the all male cast. I actually noticed a funny trend when a game has a mostly male or mostly female cast. If a game has an mostly/all female cast then feminists label gamers as pervs and sexist. If a game has an mostly/all male cast feminists cry 'muh representation' and gamers are labeled sexist. Basically we cant win.

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