GAME unveils Splatoon hat as pre-order bonus, standard version discounted

UK retailer GAME has unveiled an ink-redible pre-order bonus for customers who pre-order any edition of Splatoon for Wii U. Now you can unleash your inner inkling as you don your very own Splatoon themed inkling hat. What's more, if that's enough to tempt you into purchasing Splatoon, GAME has discounted the standard version of the game to just £32.99.

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Neonridr1264d ago

lol, nice hat. I could picture someone wearing it while playing.

Concertoine1264d ago

I' be the envy of my friends, the coolest kid in school with this splatoon hat, certainly,

Big_Game_Hunters1264d ago (Edited 1264d ago )

still don't like how orange is the primary color. It reminds too much of old Nicktoons. I hope we can choose our color and choose to only match find with people of that color.

Green team!!

kirbyu1264d ago

When I first saw the game's first trailer, I thought it was a Nickelodeon game.

Red team!!!!

Summons751264d ago

Darn you UK...We don't get anything Physical for pre-ordering anymore. It was the best reason to pre-order a game. I want this hat!