PS4 hits another sales milestone - how Sony definitively won a three-horse race

Dealspwn: "It's an impressive showing for Sony's powerful machine, but more impressive still is how they managed to achieve it in the first place. Looking back over the last eighteen months, we can see an astonishing campaign of smart, ruthless and successful decisions that put Sony's console clear ahead of the current-gen competition in terms of sales... even though most of the biggest exclusives are still many months away."

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bggriffiths1321d ago

Yeah, the whole run up to launch is where they 'won' it really. MS were just a mess of rumours and bad choices (DRM, always online etc). Sure they fixed those things before launch, but the damage was already done. Phil Spencer has done some great work since getting the big chair though. Xmas will be interesting too with Tomb Raider Vs .....(E3 announcement pending?).

Blues Cowboy1321d ago (Edited 1321d ago )

Yeah, Mattrick really dealt them a bad hand. Spencer's done great, but it's damage control when the XO should have been moving forward. Meanwhile Sony had a clear message and just ran with it.

Transistor1321d ago (Edited 1321d ago )

It wasn't Phil Spencer who changed things, it was Microsoft as a whole who decided to try a new approach when things failed.

Phil Spencer is the one who was in charge of Microsoft's game studios during their abandonment of exclusives late in the 360 life and the upswing of Kinect titles. He was also the guy who brought the tie in with the NFL. This is all on his bio. I'm all for Microsoft changing for the better, but giving Phil Spencer full credit and blaming Don Mattrick entirely is a bit naive. Microsoft is huge company, no one man makes decisions. He was there, he was involved to some degree.

Blues Cowboy1321d ago (Edited 1321d ago )

@Transistor: I take your point but I question how much clout Spencer could have possibly had over the Xbox One's hardware direction given that his job was limited to signing developers into Microsoft Studios.

But I do agree, these things are bigger than one man (hence the agree vote).

Genuine-User1321d ago

It has more to do with the continuous support of a wide variety of games and services than just the initial screw up from their direct competition.

thekhurg1321d ago

Microsoft just had their priorities mixed. Sony knew they had to appeal to gamers first, MS was trying to hit too many focus groups at once.

Sony was able to deliver games, and still give us the Powers show, as well as continued work on peripherals like the VR. Meanwhile, MS basically canceled their extra stuff in an effort to get things right with what should have been their core group (gamers).

Captain_TomAN941321d ago

@Transistor Exactly! MS just flat out made a bunch of stupid decisions. Sure maybe some people are more to blame than others but make no mistake that the entire company was behind that stupid DRM-Media box scheme.

Same goes for other blunders like Vita's memory cards and the PS3's use of a cell processor.

GameSpawn1321d ago


An old Japanese saying pretty much sums up your comment (I'm paraphrasing as I can't remember it word for word):
"Focus on one thing and you will succeed, focus on many things and you will fail all of them."

That is exactly what Sony did with their PS4 messaging pre and post launch.

AndrewLB1321d ago Show
-Foxtrot1321d ago (Edited 1321d ago )


Someone gets it

After that whole disaster with the reveal Microsoft would be handling things at the very top to see what they should do to turn the Xbox brand around. They wouldn't just hire a new guy and put their faith in him because it's a gamble whether or not they will do well

They got Phil instead of another suit because while they make all the decisions he can announce them with a smile and we would be more willing to believe him since he's known to really be the only gamer within Microsoft's Xbox branch.

Phil probably doesn't even get a say with half of these things, he's most likely given a list or memo of things higher ups want him to do within the company. Phils job is to run the branch by making sure the higher up plans are being followed out and to be the good PR guy for us.

Any other person who took over after Don left would be doing the same thing and everything which is happening now with the Xbox One would NOT be changed, it would be doing the same things it's doing now. Hell even if Don managed to stick around by some bloody miracle he would be following the same plan.

I'm not sticking up for Don but he was just following what higher ups at Microsoft probably wanted for the Xbox brand. His job was to act it out.

Transistor1321d ago (Edited 1321d ago )

The PS4 never intended to have any DRM that was not used on the PS3 and certainly nothing like the ways it was imposed on the original vision of the Xbox One.

danoman641321d ago (Edited 1321d ago )

Andrew, can you please do a google search and find out for us which company, Sony or MS, announced their next generation system first. Cause am sure Sony announced the ps4 almost two months before MS announced the X1, so here is a question, how in gods name did Sony see all the polices MS had about DRM, two months before the X1 was announced. Does Sony have a time machine that only you know of. Please educate me

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MrSec841321d ago (Edited 1321d ago )

Sony did pretty much everything right that they could have, the whole nonsense about acting like the competition has better exclusives is a bit silly, it's not a fact, highly subjective.

Sony have established with years of 1st party support and their recent comments that they have huge plans for 1st party.
Kaz wants to drive the install base as high and hard as it can go, which means having the big exclusives, awesome indies you can't get anywhere else and being the best console to run multiplats.

At this point Sony has it made on the exclusives front this year, because all of the games they have lined up are perfectly suited to a wide range of gamers, whether it's AAA or otherwise.

It's highly likely that at least Ratchet & Clank will be a Fall 2015 release, GT7 sounds like a solid prospect for this holiday, purely because of what releasing now means for the next release on the 20th anniversary of the franchise in 2018, then there's the fact that so many of Sony's own studios and partners have been busy working on big AAA games for years and are yet to say much if anything about those titles.

Guerrilla's new IP has been in development since 2010, making it almost 5 years in the works, so that's a very likely prospect for a Holiday release, especially given that Guerrilla has been releasing a big AAA game every 2 years since Killzone 2 came out.

Then there's the elephants in the room of Eight Days & The Getaway, both of which were never cancelled, just put on hold.
Also Agent and The Last Guardian have never been officially cancelled either, they just never came out.

Any of those games could be re-introduced at E3 or Gamescom and pushed hard with marketing to come out this year.

Even without any more "major" exclusives Sony has a lot to cover the holiday season, with numerous indies, cross gen Playstation titles, one major AAA game in R&C and huge marketing deals for the new big 3rd party releases this year.

At this point the game is Sony's to lose this year, they're well ahead right now and have plenty more coming to keep that happening.

Transistor1321d ago (Edited 1321d ago )

Its been pretty clear they have been in complete control for a while now. They have control of every region, with out dropping the price once. That's pretty impressive.

For a few reasons I believe it will be $299 by the end of the year, one of the main reasons being Project Morpheus launching next year and the other being that's what they did with the PS2 being in a similar position that they are now.

With that said, I think they will maintain control of all regions all generation. Which is pretty unbelievable considering the success of the 360 in certain regions.

Blues Cowboy1321d ago

For sure. They really locked down every aspect this time, from development to announcements, PR and even engaging with us gamers as well. Ninty and MS are back up to speed but they've lost so much time.

Captain_TomAN941321d ago

Haha I agree with you again. $299 PS4 slim will launch this fall and make a mountain of cash.

Jalva1321d ago (Edited 1321d ago )

I would hardly call it a three-horse race since Nintendo clearly aren't even trying to compete with Sony and Microsoft in the console department, they've always had a very dedicated niche console fan base, the only reason the original Wii sold so well is because it was advertised as a weight loss machine aimed at housewives who want to try and lose their love handles when their kids are at school lol

Blues Cowboy1321d ago

Fair point, but Nintendo did make an attempt to appeal to the hardcore/traditional gaming market.

nitus101321d ago

When the Wii was first brought out I was actually told by some of the girls in the organization I worked for that they will loose weight because of this "marvellous machine". I was quite polite in my reply but basically I said that if you really want to loose weight then you need to be genuine in doing so and the Wii will not do that for you, although as a tool it can help.

Most of the girls did not believe me but later I was proved right.

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Kal-V31321d ago

It also helps when the other 2 horses trip at the starting line.
Not taking away from the PS4, i am incredibly happy with it. Just saying it helps.

Blues Cowboy1321d ago

Very true, that's explained in the article as well. Sony could have quite easily dithered and fallen into many of the same pitfalls, mind.

BlackTar1871321d ago

That said i guess the only reason Xbox had such a strong position last year was due to releasing to a market with 0 competition.

Kal-V31321d ago

i don't think they would have. Honestly if MS hadn't shot themselves in the foot, we would be seeing the biggest neck and neck console race in videogame history.

Kal-V31321d ago (Edited 1321d ago )

@blacktar187 Exactly. also when PS3 did launch, it had a higher price, lacked the features of the 360 and 360 already had a foothold on the market and 3rd party exclusives. it was 360's game to win.

Edit: not only reason. 360 was still a great system

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