Twelve Interactive working on secret PS3 game

Italian game developer Twelve Interactive announced it is working on a Sci-Fi action game for the PS3. The company said this secret project will benefit from the "tremendous power of the machine." Twelve Interactive also said working on the platform gives them limitless creativity.

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Dlacy13g3970d ago

hard to get excited over secret games. I just wish companies would announce titles instead of this "its a secret" crap.

Goose743970d ago

but also for Wii, Xbox 360, PSP, DS, and Vista. ;)


rj813970d ago

Has a good game ever come out of Italy?

Retard3970d ago

makes no since at all... I don't understand it, how it is a secret when theres so much said for it and it's going to all the other systems as well?

Stupid...! (?)

power0919993970d ago

Yeah... it's a secret Sci-Fi action virus, that deletes the firmware on 360's.

What a lame way to hype a game.

(Hey everyone I am programming the most amazing game, with the best graphics, that totally blows away everything FOREVER.... but I won't say what it is) NAH! Really lame.

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