You can pre-order the Black Ops 3 season pass right now

Lazy Gamer: "I’ve defended both DLC and Call of Duty before. While many abhor the franchise (and truth be told, I’m not the biggest fan myself), it certainly has its place. With millions of loyal ardent fans lapping the game up every year, it makes sense for Activision to capitalise on that. The same goes for DLC; “a fool and his money are soon parted,” the cliche goes. What I can’t stand though, is Season Passes."

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Oschino19071323d ago

Why did you even click on the article let alone comment?

iSuperSaiyanGod1323d ago

Right . Cod DLC ain't nothing new lmao you know you gonna be spending Atleast $40 for the season pass , keep it moving lmao . Personally I wouldnt buy cod dlc , but I ain't gonna tell someone how to spend there paycheck either

caseh1323d ago (Edited 1323d ago )


Sorry but announcing a pre-order for a season pass is a bit of a joke don't you think?

Selling a season pass for a game that's not even launched...think about it.

Mikelarry1323d ago

I don't know but I am just guessing since the article is an opinion piece and the user XboxDD is stating his/her opinion on the matter.

zeal0us1324d ago

Boy do I wish this season pass bs would just jump off a cliff and die.

micx1324d ago

It can only get worse, unfortunately.

Oschino19071323d ago

I feel the same way about obvious trolls and over zealous cynics.

XboxDD1324d ago

They have season pass preorders 6 months ahead of the game's release.

Oschino19071323d ago

People commenting about something they have little to no interest in but feel the need to undermine just for the sake of it. Seriously?

die_fiend1323d ago

Why do you think Bobby Kottick has such a great smile?

Cyfyxtfg1323d ago

Then dont buy it -_- season pass saves you money in the long run. If you wanna know whats in it, wait. If you love the game every year then buy it. Nothing wrong with a company getting ahead of the game and gaging interest. The game comes out EVERY year. I think they know how many DLC pieces theyll release by now, also they know the game will sell. So again, no problem. Its for eager people who cant wait and wanna get it out the way.

Immorals1323d ago

Just because people will buy it, doesn't mean it's right.

It's SIX MONTHS before even the main game is out.

Not just that, they're asking nearly the full price of the damned game.

Don't defend this. It's just wrong.

caseh1323d ago

"Nothing wrong with a company getting ahead of the game and gaging interest."

Actually there is, if this becomes popular then they will add pre-order bonuses to pre-ordered season passes for games that haven't even been released.

Everything is wrong with it.

Jag-T10001323d ago

Only dumb people defend DLC.

Peace_Love_and_FPS1323d ago

Me and my friends used to almost exclusively play zombies, we loved it, and knowing that the DLC will have zombie maps we're all getting the digital deluxe to get all the savings we can on it.

So... Saving money on something I'll eventually buy anyways is dumb? Logic, you're doing it right.

I'm not defending the milking of DLC but no one is forcing you to buy it either, the last DLC I bought was BO2 season pass and it was worth it. I tried premium for BF4 on origin, but that was such a waste I got my money back and now I know just MP maps isn't something I will spend my money on, but zombies? Hell f****** yeah I will!

admiralvic1323d ago

"I'm not defending the milking of DLC but no one is forcing you to buy it either,"

Why is this so many peoples go to response? If you don't like it, shut up about it and move on? Not only does it push conformity, in that no one should say anything negative, thus nothing negative is seen/said and in turn companies are told it's okay because no one is saying anything negative being said, but it won't change anything. However, saying something results in change.

Case in point, look at Destiny. People complained about the progression system and Bungie addressed these concerns in the House of Wolves expansion. Do you think they would have changed course had no one said anything? Do you think they would have changed this, that or the other? Sure they aren't blindly listening to fans, but if you don't let others know what you will and won't stand for, they WILL take advantage of you. Maybe that is okay with you, but I am not going to turn a blind eye to policies/practices I don't agree with.

Peace_Love_and_FPS1323d ago (Edited 1323d ago )

When did I say that he should "shut up and move on"? Simply defending myself and my opinion means that I'm in the wrong? I think you should take the words you put into my mouth and act on them, Vic. Most DLC is trash, but specifically I think treyarch does it right, and I'm pretty sure if you think Activision cares about what we're commenting on here in N4G you're a fool. I'll defend Treyarchs past seasons passes, but not DLC as a whole, however you don't see me crying over it like a child or calling people stupid if they like what's being sold to them, unlike you and Jag.

Speak with your wallet not your condescendingly rude tone. That's all they care about really and you just make an a** of yourself by doing this.

How in any way have I let them take advantage of me? I've bought 2 items of DLC, EVER (BO1 BO2 passes, as I said, for zombies), which I feel were fairly priced, premium I got a refund on. Capitalism works in this case, as more and more people I know aren't buying DLC because they feel taken advantage of. Over time, this forces them to review how much they sell us and for what price.

Want to b**** to a once great now money-whipped developer? There's forums for that. You forget the updates simply come at the same time the DLC drops in order to get people back into it. Its not like they're going to charge you to illuminate or whatever upgrading low light level gear is now called.

Therefore, your point about it coming with the house of wolves is completely invalid. Its simply consumers voicing opinion on the games features, mostly done on a forum created by the developers for suggestions from the community and not a comment section, nor is it related to the topic of DLC in any way other than attempting to peak player interest. I'm betting the comments they acted on never once mentioned DLC but rather changes to the game which are free, not paid for.

Chances are you've bought more DLC than I have, so how about you get off my back and go buy HoW (if you haven't already, but I bet you have, and it would be a wee bit little hypocritical).

DevilishSix1323d ago

Not sure if their dumb but their morons for sure.

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