Here is the full list of cars in Project Cars

The number of cars in Project Cars is remarkable and the developer aims to expand further the list even after the launch of the game. Here is the full list.

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CARROT1809941327d ago

no nissans, ferarris or lamborginis? will wait for gran turismo

hennessey861327d ago

So that determines wether u buy a game.......really, your missing out my friend.

CARROT1809941327d ago

yes the amount of content does have influence on if i buy a game, especially at £50, and with the witcher releasing soon, i will give this one a pass, driveclub will keep me going for a while as far as racing games are concerned

SuperRaccoon1327d ago (Edited 1327d ago )

Why would it not be reasonable that the car selection determines if you buy a racing game? If the cars a person wants to use are not present, I wouldn't blame that person for skipping the game. Maybe it's just me, but I usually stick with a handful cars. More so if the game allows heavy modding, like Forza and GT.

Gamer19821326d ago

Content is king these days and thats a really shallow list of cars. Driveclub even has more and that got slated for its car amount....

PerrynAybara1327d ago

I know this kind of cars are so cool, but Project Cars is more than that.

MrSec841327d ago

It's the 20th anniversary of the series in 2018, so the full GT7 will most likely be out this year, because Polyphony Digital will want as much time as possible.

They always do 2 GT main releases per generation, having GT7 out this year spaces the game out nicely over the generation.

People won't have long to wait!
Expect to either see GT7 officially unveiled next month or at E3, with a 2015 release date given.
Kaz has even said that 2015/16 is the era the game will be in and it won't be a prologue or basic remaster of GT6, rather a full GT, with all the bells and whistles on.

Naga1327d ago (Edited 1327d ago )

I wouldn't be surprised if they waited until 2018. Or released a prologue in 2016 and the final game in 2018. They've never seemed to be in much of a rush.

Me-Time1327d ago

Yup. No Prologue this time around. And the post above mine probably doesn't realize there's practically been demo's, teasers and prologues for GT games since GT2 or more like GT3 with GT 2000. Kaz stated there won't be a Prologue to GT7 and the obvious, development on the PS4 allows for more freedom than on the PS3; the difficulty in extracting as much performance out of the PS3 is part of the reason for the long development times.

Still, I hope pCARS does more than help the wait for GT7. The feedback and user reviews will truly determine whether or not pCARS is deemed to be a successful venture. We need more driving simulators that aren't rFactor and iRacing (simulators that are subscription based and way too serious for some and as has been mentioned, the car list is tailed towards racing series' cars).

jonivtec1327d ago

Lololol gt7...2015 release.....the funniest comment ever.Stop dreaming son.You already forget the 5 years wait for gt5 on ps3?

MrSec841326d ago

To the naysayers, GT7 coming this year just makes logical sense!

PD didn't wait until GT6 was finished to start work on GT7, they built their engine from the beginning to run on PS4, their artists made their new assets well beyond what PS3 could handle right from the beginning of making GT6, so it's just a matter of making some more post GT6 release to add new content too the game, designing new menus, going whole hog on the shaders and other new rendering techniques across all of those assets and finally optimize the whole thing for PS4.

The game is a constant evolution, not just one release from another.

GT5 was the exception, not the rule.
Only GT5 took 5 years to come to PS4 from GT4, GT4 took 4 years, but prior to that GT3 only took 1 year to come after GT2 and 2 only took 2 years after 1.

GT5 probably had a tonne of stuff that couldn't go into that game, that ended up becoming 6.
The engine being native on PS4 when GT6 came out kind of says it all really!

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Stoppokingme1327d ago

What makes you think GT7 will have a bigger lineup?

GT5 never had Koenigseggs, Holdens, Porsches...

However the mention of a "standard edition" is a worry for prospective buyers.

EvilWay1327d ago

Ummm GT usually has over 400 cars so yea it will have a ton more cars

SoapShoes1327d ago

GT5 did have Holden's though. Lol

paul-p19881326d ago (Edited 1326d ago )

"However the mention of a "standard edition" is a worry for prospective buyers."

Especially as at the end of that list there are already 2 DLC car packs mentioned... Cars being left out of the vanilla game to sell separately already...

u4one1327d ago (Edited 1327d ago )

So you will pass this game up for a lack of a few cars but stick with driveclub?? Lmfao DC has the least amount of cars out of all of them. And there are plenty of cars gt hasn't had either.

badz1491327d ago

and Project Cars doesn't have many cars that DC has either. so what's your point? and for a sim, this game sure has a puny amount of cars available compared to GT or Forza and that's a fact.

DC is not a sim and minus Forza Horizon, the amount of cars in DC is totally acceptable for an arcade racer.

CARROT1809941327d ago

i got driveclub for £15, it will keep me happy till F1 2015. i will probably pick thiss up when it goes cheap and they have added some more cars

GTgamer1326d ago

Arcade racer's tend not to have a crap ton of cars but eh.

Gamer19821326d ago

DC now with all free DLC has more cars and is 15 pounds this is 50 and not only has less cars doesnt have the social features nor the graphics. Its not just about the cars. But I'm waiting for GT for more than just the cars, its all about that realism that you cannot find elsewhere.

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USMC_POLICE1327d ago

A lot of cars are missing I agree I'm out on this one.

1327d ago
LackTrue4K1327d ago

Don't worrie, their probably DLC.

dumahim1327d ago

Turn 10 has (or at least had) the licensing rights for Ferrari just like EA has the rights for Porsche. The difference is, Turn 10 is willing to share while EA is overly protective of the license. That's why some games have RUF instead of Porsche.

I get the impression that Slightly Mad focused on lesser brands to keep licensing costs down. I hope they can expand later on.

StartWars1327d ago

We already have Forza and Gran Turismo for that. Project CARS is more about the number of racing disciplines you can try - think of it like the old TOCA Race Driver series.

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Mikey Mike1327d ago

Wow, it's kinda of a short list of cars.... this will hold me until GT7

hennessey861327d ago

Quality over quantity my friend, all cars ahave a full damage model. All modelled with same level of detail. No standard cars or 45 skylines in project cars.

FlameWater1327d ago (Edited 1327d ago )

At least those 45 Skylines come with awd, rwd, turbo, non-turbo with over 10 variation models.

BiggCMan1327d ago

That's exactly the point to be made, but nobody seems to get that which upsets me. I like the 1000 cars in Gran Turismo games, but honestly you only ever use between 50 and 100 of them by the time you're done with the game.

Driveclub did it right with about 55 cars at launch, and now with the very cheap 25 dollar season pass, we now have nearly 100 cars months later.

And Project Cars seems to be doing a similar thing so that makes me happy. Gonna have a much better experience with each individual car this way.

Nio-Nai1327d ago (Edited 1327d ago )

Has 15 more cars with the game than what driveclub came with, only had 50, this has 65.

wakeNbake1327d ago

umm is there even a solid release date yet?

dumahim1327d ago

Game went gold and release date is 5/12.

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