LeapTrade: A Look at Online Game Trading

Ken McKown writes: Aftermarket video games are a hot business. The discussion around trading games with friends with this new digital movement is always a hot topic. I grew up trading games with friends, and even now I always attempt to purchase my games physically if given the option. Trading sites are nothing new; there have been several cropping up over the last few years. I recently got a chance to test drive one of the relatively newer entries called LeapTrade. Their motto is that the site was designed by gamers for gamers, which is of course a blanket statement, but after spending some time with it, I tend to agree.

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kurruptor1328d ago (Edited 1328d ago )

Anyone use this site? They try to sell you on high value for your trade-in, but you don't get cash. Prices to buy used games are high as well it looks to me.

I signed up, maybe I'll give it a chance. Here's my referral if anyone else wants to try:

Not sure if referrals are frowned upon here.

deaddragonz1328d ago

Ive had it for a year. Traded my games and got games from others. Its pretty good.