Grand Theft Auto V Sells 2 Million Copies on PC in Less than a Month

Despite the controversy surrounding its late release, it appears that Rockstar’s open-world title is selling well on the PC. In less than a month, Rockstar has managed to sell 2 million copies of GTA V .

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hennessey861297d ago (Edited 1297d ago )

Gta V is all over torrent sites and its still sold a good amount.

Khajiit861297d ago

LOL @ the disagrees. Console fanboys? I got the game for the 3rd tme around and it was good on PS3 but felt like the game was made for something bigger, then it felt much better on my PS4, and now its unbelievable on my 970. Especially after I moved it to my SSD, tried playing it off my Caviar Blue HDD and it was not running so great. Its like a whole new game after I moved it to the SSD.

Cant wait til the mods start adding up.

T9001297d ago (Edited 1297d ago )

I was playing the PC version last night, the game is simply amazing. PC version selling 2 million after being released last says the platform is very healthy.

PC gaming has made an amazing comeback in the last 5 years.


Sorry dude but that just blind bias, PC version released last, anyone who had to play the game bought it on the last consoles. Yet its easily going toe to toe against the next gen consoles.

Also account the game sold on consoles very well true, however console sales tend to dry up very quickly. PC sales last for a very long time, years on years they dont stop. Check game like Skyrim its still selling on PC because of all the mods. I would think GTA 5 will be selling for years on the PC the sales are going to spike specially during discounts.

Id look at the figures in 3,4 maybe 5 years. Its going to be a constant revenue for Rockstar thats for sure.

Genuine-User1297d ago (Edited 1297d ago )

For the sake of comparison, GTAV sold 29 million units in 30 days on PS3 and 360.

GTA 5 sales reach 45m units, including 10m on PS4 & Xbox One -


If making a comparison in units sold is considered bias by some, then GOD help us all. I'm sure GTAV will see really good sales on PC but that isn't my argument.

Khajiit861297d ago (Edited 1297d ago )


I contributed twice on the PS3 version, 1 for me and 1 a bday present for a friend. I was amazed by the game on PS3, it just felt empty most of the time, especially online. PS4 version was much improved but you could tell the game can be even better. My favorite thing about the PC version is the population density. My friend that still plays the PS3 version could not believe how much traffic there was and he had a really hard time driving around.


I love the custom music but I dont know what the problem could be but all my custom music is much quieter than regular stations in GTAV.

T9001297d ago


Exactly, the density on the PC version is amazing. I picked up a bike for traveling around. Its insane how many cars etc you need to dodge when traveling at high speeds on bike.

To spice it up i loaded up custom music on the game. Loaded up "Bad to the Bone" from the terminator 2, having that music on the radio while riding a bike is insane lol. Specially if you play the game with Mouse keyboard, shooting from a bike with a mouse can be crazy fun.

Vegamyster1297d ago


Considering how long the game took to get out the sales are fine, go compare PC sales of Diablo 3 to the console versions and you'll see a similar story.

Genuine-User1297d ago (Edited 1297d ago )


I'm sure playing the game at 60fps and above 1080p enhances the overall experience but if population density is your main bullet point, I would like to confirm that population density on the current-gen console version is equivalent to 75-100% on PC -

@ T900

The population density on the current-gen console version is around 75-100% and you can play custom music as well.

T9001297d ago (Edited 1297d ago )


Why do you have to make this a Console VS PC argument?

Do we need to highlight to you that some of us prefer the 60fps and beyond 1080p experience or that buying GTA 5 on PC having the ability to play it for a very long time. I could still play GTA 2,3,4 on my PC if i wanted to. So we have BC an option consoles dont offer or the fact we have mods which will never make it to consoles.

In the end i think its childish to compare sales from platform to platform to begin with and even then if you must compare its completely scewed against the PC. Us PC users are happy the game is off to a good start on the PC and maybe next time Rockstar will reconsider before delaying the PC version.

Genuine-User1297d ago (Edited 1297d ago )

@ T900

I have not made this a Console VS PC argument. I was merely comparing the first month sales, how hard is that for you to accept?

I have already mentioned and acknowledged the benefits of playing on a PC, your contentions are irrelevant to my entire argument.

And no, it is not childish to compare number of units sold, regardless of platform.

I'm sure PC gamers are enjoying the fruits of their patience. Game on.

cayleee1297d ago (Edited 1297d ago )


PC version released on 14th april, so its been about 2 weeks. PC version has sold 2 million in 2 weeks.

Next gen consoles combined in 1 month sold 3.7 million.

If you are going to make a comparison at least make it somewhat fair.

So can we say PC version is beating the Next gen consoles. I think it will be a huge surprise for Rockstar.

Fact is Steam alone now has over 100 Million user base. As a developer you dont go around ignoring such a base.

Genuine-User1297d ago


According to your findings, PC version has most definitely sold more than a single current-gen console in the same time frame.

It's likely the PC version will sell more than the Xbox one.

I don't think it'll be a huge surprise for Rockstar. If they can sell 29 million in 30 days, they can surely expect a few million on PC.

There's also another fact, there's absolutely no plausible way to find out how many of those 100 million steam users have a good rig.

cayleee1297d ago (Edited 1297d ago )


"It's likely the PC version will sell more than the Xbox one."

Lol you look like the usual run of the mill Sony fan, how hard is it for you to understand PC games sell for a very long time due to Mods. Both the console sales will dry up, PC will out sell both the next gen consoles, specially if by looking at initial demand.

PC version doesnt have to sell half way as much as the consoles to post good profit for Rockstar, Remember the PC version doesnt come with all the packaging costs or the distribution costs or the cut MS and Sony take. Hence every copy sold on PC is much more profitable than a console version sold. If the sales carry on and we see PC reach anywhere near 10 million in few years time. Rockstar will be amused. Time will tell if Rockstar starts releasing PC versions on time.

Lastly regarding the Steam user base, understand games are designed with consoles in mind. Since console hardware is so far behind PC, it doesnt take much hardware to run those games at 1080p. In fact a 200usd GPU will easily out perform the console version of games.

Genuine-User1297d ago (Edited 1297d ago )


Rather than providing a reasonable argument, you saw fit to call me a fanboy, without any evidence, may I add. It's not hard to understand or acknowledge the digital distribution process on PC. And I disagree, Sales will not dry up, your proclamation is based on a false assumption.

You're dead wrong about Rockstar making more money on the PC version. Valve takes a 30% cut on every sale (I know other DD stores exist).
You seem to forget that digital distribution is also available on consoles. As far as profits go, Rockstar will never make $60 x 29 million on PC.

Most games are designed around a console because they're more profitable. PS4 hardware is roughly equivalent to, if not better than an Intel i3, GTX 750TI 2GB, and other compulsory components for a gaming rig which add up to about £500.

cayleee1297d ago (Edited 1297d ago )


I dont see Skyrim still selling on console. Why isnt it selling? why did the sales dry up?

If Valve takes a 30% cut, so does just about any retail shop. That difference is balanced there. Whos going to cover Distribution, Packaging, damages, royalties to Sony/MS? Fact is most console copies still sell as physical while most PC copies sell as digital hence are more profitable and again why club all consoles VS 1 PC. Make it a 1 vs 1 comparison, Things look rather good for the PC specially vs the new consoles.

Its a multiplat gen. Consoles just happened to be the lowest of denominator. Hence games are made with consoles in mind too. Why do you think so many devs are closing shop, because costs are high. Hence developers develop for all platforms.

Lets not get into the cost arguement, PC will easily win. I bought a PC back in 2009 it was a I5 750 with a HD 5870 it cost me 1000usd at that time. PS3 at that time cost 600usd. The only thing i have changed in my PC ever since that time is a GPU upgrade(GTX 970). While at the same time a console gamer would atleast need to rebuy another PS3 and buy a PS4, plus pay more per game and pay to go online. Add all of that up PC is way cheaper, not to mention i get to keep all the games i bought last gen. Good luck running PS3 games on PS4.

starchild1297d ago

Considering it was the last version to come out, the PC version is selling quite well. It appears to be selling as well as the next gen console versions, if not better. Good sales in any case.

freshslicepizza1297d ago

if the pc version came out when the xbox 360 and ps3 version did i would imagine it would have sold better? even michael pachter could see that.

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Spinal1297d ago

Pirated copies dont get to play online anyway so its their loss.

Got GTA 5 and Witcher 3 with my GTX 970 a special promo from Overclockers. Its great stuff :)

badz1491297d ago

you're saying it like they care.

Spinal1297d ago


So you would only play GTA singleplayer?: That sucks! Might as well stick to GTA san andreas or vice city.

I enjoyed the campaign but when its over its over.
The online heists are fantastic! and i have plenty of fun playing with other people.

badz1491297d ago

I thoroughly enjoy the SP thank you very much but I don't play it online very much. I'm not a huge online MP fan to begin with but doesn't mean I didn't enjoy GTAV. the only game I'm actively playing online now is Driveclub.

what do you mean stick stick with SA or VC? do I get to experience GTAV by sticking with those? MP is not everything gaming has to offer.

SunnyZ1297d ago

Lucky bastard.
My 980 came with no games.

They stopped handing out games with graphics cards a LONG time ago here in Australia :(


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Magicite1297d ago

Its hottest torrent now.

Tzuno1297d ago

Piracy is free publicity, blame prices and low quality games for piracy, a good game is worth 60$ not to mention the replay value.

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KeplerNoMore1297d ago

Yet it still is behind consoles in sales, PS3 have almost 4 mil copies and dont forget PS3/Xbox360 had piracy issues as well. PC sold almost as much as Xb1 and would need 500k more to catch the PS4.

ravencry1297d ago (Edited 1297d ago )

late release for pc i guess. if pc had been released as same time as consoles i am pretty sure that pc would have sold more because of framerate and graphics.

look at bioshock infinite pc sold more than consoles.

Nekroo911297d ago (Edited 1297d ago )

Bioshock infinite isnt a good example, they evn had to close down the studios because of that.

And no PC version wouldnt outsell because of framerate and graphics any AAA still sells better on consoles

Retards..its a fact games sell more copies on consoles GTA V ps4 sold almost 3.5 million in the same time

starchild1297d ago

No it didn't, Nekroo91. Quit speaking nonsense. The PS4 version did not sell 3.5 million in two weeks.

IrishSt0ner1297d ago (Edited 1297d ago )

Xbox One and PS4 combined sold 1.84 million copies within their first month, PC sold 2 million within it's first month.

PC sold more than both consoles combined in a similar timeframe. We also know PC games keep selling well over time, so expect those number to significantly surpass 'next-gen' consoles.

Care to refute?

Seafort1297d ago

This is just an estimate of steam sales. GTA5 was also sold via Rockstar social club.

My version was via social club as was many more copies because the online retailers were mostly giving out social club keys and not steam keys.

I bet there's at least another 2-3 million copies sold via social club.

I wish console gamers would stop lumping all consoles together as well against one platform, the PC. Hardly fair now is it but I guess it makes you feel good to see those big numbers and justifies your purchase :)

Oschino19071297d ago (Edited 1297d ago )

Yet I constantly hear Battlefield is biggest on PC but at one point (still may hold true) PS3 and PS4 each had as many or more active players at any given time.

I wish certain PC gamers dropped the bias and hypocrisy. Seems some will go to the moon to justify there purchase and use "fuzzy math" to proclaim their dominance.

ravencry1297d ago

Pretty good sales even after very late release. compared to the next gen consoles selling 3 million first week(xbox one and ps4 combined).

counting boxed and non steam sales i am pretty sure its more than 2 millions.

also xbox 360 and ps3 was released first so i am pretty sure if gta v was released sames day as last gen consoles it would have sell just as much.

tomb raider sold 3 million on pc

sleeping dogs 2 million, hitman absolution 2million, bioshock infinite 3.3million. pretty good sales compared to last gen consoles eh

T9001297d ago

Well its still selling like a hot cake on the PC, and the beauty of it is that it will keep selling for years to come. Specially with all the mods rolling out. The game just wont die.

Oschino19071297d ago (Edited 1297d ago )

Every game you mentioned was also given away for free through PS+ and already sold very well before then.

SonyKong641297d ago

that's because piracy actually helps sales of GOOD games if you ever look at the data and can see past the propaganda.

there's many an article out there that clearly explains why this is the case.

in summary, many non prepubescent pirates actually purchase the games they pirate IF they like the game and respect the developers. The pirates that don't purchase the game ever, usually wouldn't have in the first place, they'd wait to borrow or rent in the past, but they DO spread the word and act as free advertising, which companies spend billions on, which in turn equals more sales.

this is just a brief small slice of what sharing is caring actually does.

things are always much more complicated then the corporate media let's on.

--bienio--1297d ago

Let dont forget it's only Steam sell, so I can say it's more then 6/7 millions easy..Pc back to throne:)

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