42 Reasons We Would Miss Konami

IGN: "Welcome back to Game Scoop!, IGN's weekly video game talk show. This week we're looking back on Konami's incredible legacy, talking Batman: Arkham Knight, and playing another round of Video Game 20 Questions. Watch the video above or download the podcast below."

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kalkano1178d ago

Suikoden and Vandal Hearts are their only IPs I care about, and they've both been dead for a LOOOOONNNGGG time (despite rumors of a Suikoden revival).

With the state of the industry, in regards to turn-based games, I doubt I'm really losing anything here.

FarEastOrient1177d ago

Those Dance Dance Revolution games were fun too, I'll miss those as well.

Xman2K1177d ago (Edited 1177d ago )

Metal Gear will not be the same, and I doubt Kojima can make a character like Solid Snake, it was a perfect match

MysticStrummer1178d ago

The only two reasons I'd miss them are already pretty much dead. Silent Hill and Metal Gear Solid. Yeah there will probably be more of those games, but the last few Silent Hill titles haven't even sniffed the greatness of the first games and the thought of Metal Gear without Kojima is like the thought of a bacon cheeseburger without everything but the bread.

micx1178d ago

Konami managed to run MGS, PES and Silent Hill to the ground. You'd never guess.

Germany71177d ago

After P.T., it was difficult to control the hype, everyone was expecting a masterpiece, also Kojima and del Toro being involved in a Silent Hill game.

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The story is too old to be commented.