Sony Will "Aggressively Invest"in PlayStation Business, First Party Games and New Hardware in 2015

During Sony’s financial conference call for Japanese investors and analysts, Chief Financial officer Kenichiro Yoshida explained that the slightly lower Operating Income forecast for the Game & Network Services segment for fiscal year 2015 compared to fiscal year 2014 is in part due to the intention to “aggressively invest” in the business.

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Hoffmann1329d ago (Edited 1329d ago )

New Crash Bandicoot and an exclusive "nextgen" Mega Man game plz.

Maybe buy Capcom if thats an option.

Genova841329d ago

Dark Cloud 3 too!

Also, no more God of Wars or lazy remakes of PS3 games, please!

Hoffmann1329d ago

Holy ...yes Dark Cloud 3 and /or Ni No Kuni 2 would be awesome.

And SoulCalibur 6 with the gameplay and single player modes of SoulCalibur II but the ehh..jiggle technology of today ;)

uptownsoul1329d ago

This is what I want to hear from the Sony execs…Aggressively Invest in Playstation…Music to my ears!!!!!

Crimzon1329d ago

I want to see them be smarter with their investments. I want them to give funding to talented studios who deliver high-quality games such as Bloodborne, rather than throwing away five years worth of development costs on garbage like The Order. Hopefully we see Shuhei getting wiser with what projects he funds now and money is used for developers like From Software and Hideo Kojima (I'm praying they pick-up him and his studio after MGS5) rather than the crap we've been seeing the past couple of years. More video games, less overpriced movies.

Transistor1329d ago

If you own a PS4 and like JRPG's, I can promise you, you'll enjoy this generation. It's a done deal.

uptownsoul1329d ago (Edited 1329d ago )


"I want them to give funding to talented studios who deliver high-quality games such as Bloodborne, rather than throwing away five years worth of development costs on garbage like The Order."

I'm sorry but this statement shows me that you don't understand new IP investment. New IP's are more risky; thus tend to be more "hit or miss" than established franchises. You have to take the critically mediocre IP outcomes (like The Order) if you want the smash hit IP's like Bloodborne

Volkama1329d ago

@Crimzon I don't want them to be smarter in their investments. Smart investments typically mean low risks. Sequels and mimics of whatever is popular at the time.

One of the best things about Sony as a publisher is that they're willing to invest in more diverse projects. They fund innovation, not just commercially safe projects. Investments have been relatively tame for the first year of PS4 with FPS and driving and such, but now that their finances are getting more comfortable I hope (and expect) they will spread their wings a bit like they did with the PS3.

badz1491329d ago

why wouldn't they? the PS division is pulling in huge income that have help Sony as a whole see increased profit just over a year in the market. I think the higher ups would acknowledge that much and we can expect major investment towards the PS division especially the PS4 thanks to the fact that the guy on top now is Kaz who used to head the PS division. hopefully the Vita is not gonna be left out though.

anyway...good news all around from the Sony camp and I the future of the PS4 onward is looking bright!

Forn1329d ago


RaD delivered on what they set out to do which was to create the most detail rich TPS game ever. They've set up a solid foundation in a brand new universe full of possibility, and I can't wait to see where they take it next.

MazzingerZ1329d ago

Well, remakes are good if well done, good for those that didn't have a PS3 in the past, those were awesome games.

I'm ok with remakes as long as we also get new games.

It's funny how the "toy" has become the central business at SONY, they have advantage over any other similar HW company due to the wide experience they have gathered in the gaming industry during 20 years

And the success has been thanks to PS has been run by people that believed in it, gamers and enthusiast folks in general.

Hopefully, now when SONY corporation starts getting more involved in the PS brand, they don't screw up taking corporate decisions that kill the authenticity of the brand.

Fortunately, Kaz is there and I'm sure he will make sure that correct decisions are taken, decisions that benefit both SONY and gamers.

So please SONY, just don't go mainstream exploiting the hard work of those that built the PS brand through the years.

Harkins17211329d ago

I want more God of War so shut up. What have there been that's been a lazy remake of ps3 games? The job that takes 5 people a couple of months?

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wheresmymonkey1329d ago

Not going to happen. Crash is owned by Activision and Megaman is very much owned by Capcom, also with his inclusion in Smash Bros there's more chance of him turning up on the WiiU or 3Ds than the PS4. Least there's mighty No.9 to look forward too though :)

Also Sony couldn't afford to buy Capcom even if they wanted to.

Brotard1329d ago

This article makes me pretty happy! as it probably does everyone!

but I don't doubt that a crash has been in talks lately cause sony and activision have been in cahoots recently, destiny, and the new tony hawk game being announced and sony's CES conference, if black ops 3 has timed exclusivity on ps4, and possibly guitar hero. I doubt crash is less likely then any of though just cause activision owns it, its most unlikely to happen because gaming has changed.

I bet microsoft and rare will be in for a surprise with rares new game (if its a classic style platformer) because those games don't sell like they used to unless its mario.

Link2DaFutcha1329d ago

If they really want to make the moneys they should buy the silent hills rights and get the band back together.

3-4-51329d ago

I wish they would further elaborate as to what exactly this means.

Sounds like Corporate talk.....too vague.

It could sound better or less than it really is.

Sounds good though.....hopefully it's not all talk.

BG115791328d ago

True about the vague part, but still it would be wise to continue to invest in the branch that became Sony's golden goose.

subtenko1328d ago

Aggressively? Thats been in the PlayStation nature from the start. So wtf are they gonna....omg....MEGATON!!!!!!

krypt19831328d ago

Sony should def just stick to PlayStation and turn the company around and stay profitable and I would love to see a ni no kuni 2...

Retroman1328d ago

Yoshida tell investors " Aggressively invest"
dose that mean More and more assassin creeds, more and more call of dutys more and more destiny more and more battlefield more and more imfamous second son more and more boring open world games . if that the case Yoshida save Sony money, invest in non open world games, 2 player offline games as well .

_-EDMIX-_1328d ago

lol, thats one hell of a wish. I don't see them buying Capcom. Though Capcom has released statements about being open to selling some IPs, I don't think Sony would want the IP without the team behind it, and whats the use of buying part of a team? I think they would not only want all of Capcom's teams, they would want that quality too.

Dead Rising, outsourced, DMC, outsourced, Kenji gone, Ono gone, Hideki gone, Shinji gone etc. They are just not the same company and a lot of that raw talent is gone. Those IPs may not even be worth the cost. Sony would likely have to leave some IPs behind that didn't do huge numbers to justify the buy.

Capcom would have been a good buy like 11, 12 years ago. They've been on a very slow decline for some time in terms of sales and quality.

Majin-vegeta1328d ago

Well if Capcom are up to selling some IP'S.Then Sony should pursue Onimusha,Powerstone,Darkstalke rs,Resident evil,

fr0sty1328d ago

Aggressively invest in getting Kojima a new studio under the SCEWWS wing!

Xer0_SiN1328d ago

just imagine sony recruiting kojima and also picking up several rights to konamis ips? that would be catastrophic for the competition. just imagine sony santa monica (or any of sonys numerous 1st party studios) codeveloping metal gear, zone of the enders, suikoden, or even...snatcher.

TheRedButterfly1328d ago

Sony? Buy Capcom? Keep dreaming.

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Khajiit861329d ago

Just direct deposit it to Sony.

subtenko1328d ago (Edited 1328d ago )

And my axe!

What? Thats gotta at least give me an extra game at least from the PSN store!

Str8Chaos741329d ago (Edited 1329d ago )

That's a good idea. It's up 35% so far this year.

k3rn3ll1328d ago

They have said this in every financial conference they have had since launch. Not sure why we keep getting articles everytime

MrDead1329d ago (Edited 1329d ago )

Just think how much Sony has given us with the Playstation through major financial difficulties.
Can you imagine what they are going to do now? With profits set to quadruple and aggressive investment in games and hardware we as gamers are looking to benefit big time.

insomnium21329d ago

How can anyone disagree with this statement is beyond me.

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Transistor1329d ago

I just read in the other article that they are selling 44.6k PS4's a day, now is definitely the time for investment into the brand.

As many great first party developers as they have, I think they will be investing a lot in Third party development as they did with SFV. Along with marketing partnerships of most of the big titles because of the gap in sales.

With the rumors swirling that the PS4 is going to go straight to $299, I think they are in a fantastic position to go PS2 with the PS4, which is great news.

Crimzon1329d ago

I could be wrong here, but I'm pretty sure the PS4 has already been more successful than the PS2 was at this same point in its life. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if it ends up being more successful than the PS2 when this console generation is over, and if they drop the price to $300 at E3 then yeah, their sales will just skyrocket even more.

Transistor1329d ago

I was talking about about software and to clarify I mean closer to the PS2 than PS3.

1328d ago