E3 08: RE 5 vs Fallout 3 vs Left 4 Dead

They are three of the most hyped games of E3 – Fallout 3, Resident Evil 5 and the new AAA pretender Left 4 Dead. They are two of the most powerful, influential and deeply hungover games journos on the planet Stephen Pierce, the Global Editorial Director of GamesRadar and George Walter the Editor of GamesRadar UK. They put them all together to see if these highly anticipated games deserve their hype. But with only around 20 minutes with each game and some astonishingly average gaming prowess on display the results might surprise you.

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Chad Warden3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

Resident Evil sucks now.
Left 4 Dead looks like crap.

Fallout 3 is in a league of it's own.

PoSTedUP3778d ago

you crazy, RE5 will sh*t on those games man. fallout is too futuristic fake to even compete with the epicness of the resident evil series. resident evil is a proven epic franchise wile fallout will most likely be forced out in comparison.

Chad Warden3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

Lol Resident Evil. The series went downhill after Code Veronica X. Just another 3rd person shooter now.

Left 4 Dead isn't even worth mentioning and you clearly have never played a Fallout game before. I bet you're only interested in Resident Evil 5 because Chris has a hot chick partner in the game but Fallout 3 can easily win GOTY. Resident Evil 5 won't, I assure you. I'll be playing Fallout 3 for months, if not years. Resident Evil 5 will be as short as RE4, with nothing really "new" to do in the game. Just more enemies on screen. I miss the old RE games. At least they were scary and were more about survival. Now it's just shoot anything that moves. I don't need any more more shooters this generation. Fallout = RPG, RE = 3rd person shooter with no reason to replay it after you've already finished it the first time.

You've never played Fallout and it's stupid to compare the two. Not because they're in different genres, but because Resident Evil just isn't THAT good anymore lol.

PoSTedUP3778d ago

yea i herd the first fallout was bad, but i only herd good things about Re4 from people. Re4 was fantastic with no replay value? what are you sippin on? RE series is a proven franchise. fallout is not. its your opinion though but i gaurentee you RE5 sells more than fallout. which doesnt make it the better game cause its an opinion but i see RE5 being the better game here, fallout is to fake, theirs nothing like a survival horror game. i mean at least say something smart about anything lol there is nothing "new"? cmon man, i stopped gettin scared of RE games when i was like 7 dog, its for entertainment. does fallout make you shiver in your panties? lol j/k but ummmm GOTY? for this year? i think MGS4 already has that on lock.and for next year i bet killzone2 will win that. holla.

mikeslemonade3778d ago

Chad Warden is 100% correct. RE5 is dissapointing and my observation is correct. RE5 looked hot when we saw that trailer where they had 3 second gameplay footage segments spliced apart, but when we see like a 10 minute demonstration of the gameplay it looks like just an upgrade from RE4.

Left 4 Dead graphically doesn't compare so i'm not even going to talk about that.

Fallout 3 demonstration at E3 was kind of lackluster but the game isn't meant to be demonstrated in 10 minute bits and it isn't supposed to be played like a run and gun shooter. With Fallout 3 we barely scraped the surface of that game where as we basically seen what RE5 and Left 4 Dead have to offer.

PoSTedUP3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

how can you be correct with an opinion? "RE5 is disappointing"... yea you played it? c mon man. do better than that. RE4 was a killa killa game and if this is an upgrade with better graphics better gameplay and whole new story then you already know partner. RE5 will kill it. just like RE4 did. and most of the other ones. its a proven franchise and if fallout can prove that wrong then il gladly give it the crown but until then its not really talked about like RE5. it still has to prove its worth, well see how it goes down.

badz1493778d ago

I was expecting RE5 to be great by the look of the screenshot but after the demonstration during M$ session, I lost interest in it! the animations and movements are dull! I wish for something like what offered in Uncharted where the character movement is fluid and different between normal stance and shooting stance. not expecting for as deep as face expression, the main characters are not blended with the environment - like they are not belong in the scene at all! but maybe that's just me and the game has plenty of time for improvement!

Fallout3 sucks!! Banned in Australia and BANNED from my list!

still need to see more of left4Dead as from what I have seen, it's another counter strike with zombies!

TheIneffableBob3778d ago

"yea i herd the first fallout was bad"

No, Fallout 1 and 2 are some of the greatest RPGs ever created.

However, Fallout 3 looks like it will severely disappoint fans of the first two titles. From what I've seen of Fallout 3, it's more first-person shooter than RPG, and that is very, very concerning.

zethos563778d ago

L4D will be awesome. It doesn't need to have amazing graphics to be fun.

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PoSTedUP3778d ago

resident evil 5 will sh*t on both of those games hands down man with out a doubt. fallout will be forced out and left 4 read will be left in the dust! RESIDENT EVIL 5 ALL DAY MOFOKER

psman0123778d ago

Fallout 3 will, in my opinion.

ShinMaster3778d ago

I've seen Fallout 3's gameplay, and the aiming seems way too easy!

You point and then a screen comes up asking you where you wanna shoot and which spot has the higher % of damage. Press OK and the enemy is dead.

That's no fun.

AngryTypingGuy3778d ago

I thought RE4 was the best of its generation, and RE5 will most likely be the best of this generation. Fallout 3 looks amazing too. I'm a little skeptical about Left 4 Dead, but I have high hopes.

Grassroots3778d ago

I mean RE4 is a praised game that restored a series heading into a routine of sorts. RE5 looks nothing but a step up from the last, and the Co-op is looking like a nice integration into the game. Fallout looks good, yet even Left 4 Dead looks like a more amazing experience to me.

Chad Warden3778d ago

Left 4 Dead = Just another FPS with zombies and co-op. WOW I'M SO AMAZED!!

Resident Evil 5 = Resident Evil 4 with co-op and more enemies on screen. No more survival horror, just more and more shooting. Resident Evil + co-op = WTF is Capcom doing to the series?

zethos563778d ago

"Just another FPS"

Because every game has an AI director and is focused around4 player co-op?

GiantEnemyCrab3778d ago

I'm looking forward to all 3 of these games. Great to see that Left4Dead living up to the hype and was the highest praised of the 3 can't wait to play it on the 360. It is going to be an expensive holiday.

PirateThom3778d ago

Here's my gripe with Resident Evil 5


A horror game doesn't need co-op, it needs isolation and a severe lack of ammo.

RE5 seems to be more Gears of War than Silent Hill.

ia_studio3778d ago

I hope there is an option to not have sheva because she's just a pain in the ass, and a bad ai.

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