Gundam Battle Operation NEXT For PS4 and PS3 Revealed; Beta and 1080p Screenshots Suddenly Released

Bandai Namco just released on the Japanese PSN the beta client of Gundam Battle Operation NEXT, a free-to-play multiplayer action game that lets players pilot popular mobile suits from various Gundam series in pitched matches.

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Kenshin_BATT0USAI1325d ago

GOTY? Why yes, this will be GOTY ;P

Tony-Red-Grave1325d ago

YES! YES! i played and absolutely loved Gundam Battle Operation! I'm so excited :D

Nio-Nai1325d ago

I'm not too surprised this is finally coming to consoles.

A few months ago when I went to Akihabara arcades and the one outside of Yokohama station this game was packed, like crazy packed, people waiting in line. Last 2 times I've gone it's been completely empty, I wouldn't be surprised if the arcade units start to vanish. This is their chance to cash in on the last bit of the game before they cancel it in the arcades and move on.

Which honestly I'm happy with, because now I can experience it without constantly getting my butt handed to me by the guys who play it all the time haha.

windmill1451325d ago

Arcades? Are you sure your not thinking of Gundam Extreme Versus? If not my mistake.

DonkeyDoner1325d ago

FYI guys this is the gundam bamco been tease on 2014

Deviwolf1325d ago

Anyone know how to invite a friend to play with u on it so far? i been navigating the game.. i know how to play so far but dunno how to invite