What Is the Value of P.T.?

USgamer:"If you didn't download it by yesterday, P.T. is gone. The game was intended to be a playable teaser for Silent Hills, the latest game in Konami's Silent Hill franchise. Silent Hills was being developed by Kojima Productions in collaboration with director Guillermo del Toro, but like Del Toro's Insane at THQ, it wasn't meant to be. Konami officially cancelled the game yesterday, following hints last month with veteran developer Hideo Kojima is on his way out at the company. (Something we still lack confirmation for, by the way.) Kojima was going to do Silent Hills following the release of Metal Gear Solid V, but that's not happening anymore."

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ps4fanboy1323d ago

Very (inserts swear word starting with f , ending in g) upsetting the cancellation, thankfully due to the heads up that it was going to be taken down, I checked if it was still in my library ,and lo and behold, I'd deleted it! So I re-downloaded as I imagine it one day adding money to a used ps4!!!