15 PlayStation Metroidvania Games That You Need to Play

With the recent releases of two great games in Axiom Verge and Stealth Inc 2, the Metroidvania genre has been back in the thoughts of PlayStation gamers. Here are some recommendations of Metroidvania games that you need to play!

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Axiom Verge rocked the house!

YoungKingDoran1322d ago

Am I being totally stupid, or...?

The title is "15 PlayStation Metroid-Vania games" but there is no list, and the only games mentioned are: 1. Super Metroid, 2. Castlevania: SotN, 3. Axiom Verge, 4. Stealth Inc 2, 5. Heart Forth Alicia, 6. Red Goddess: Inner World, and 7. Timespinner.

Am I missing something? I'm just a little confused lol

mindtwang1322d ago (Edited 1322d ago )

Should be a slideshow you can view. Are you on mobile, maybe? Not sure why it didn't appear for you :-/

YoungKingDoran1322d ago

Thanks for the reply ol' chap ... I'm actually on a desktop, but I guess it's just a problem with my browser

CowbopBeboy1321d ago

Hell Yeah! was really underrated. Love that game.