E3's 13 Most Excruciating Moments

Here are the Big 3 conferences recapped in images, photos and mashed up videos. Hilarious!

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Montrealien3801d ago

That Myamoto shot at the top of the story is freaking Hilarious! And that demo was funny...yet very sad...

For me the whole nintendo keynote was Excruciating, they gone all Henry III crazy on us with all this power imho...

GiantEnemyCrab3801d ago

This needs to be approved and a very well written story from Gamesradar. I love the Nintendo video with the smiling and cash register sounds.

The only thing I have a problem with is there accusation that MS has somehow stole the XMB. The dashboard looks nothing like the XMB. The XMB is a horizontal list of icons with a bunch of listings above or below the icon then you have this ugly little RSS ticker in the upper right corner and now a clock. There is nothing that I see on the 360 new dashboard that reminds me of the XMB. If anything looks familiar it is the Windows Media Center interface and the XMB, not sure which one came first. Also, unless this story is old the gamesradar people need to do a little research and you will find that the dashboard can be skinned and the grey is a default. Anyway.. still a funny article.

IzKyD13313801d ago

of the 3, the sony conference had the least cringe worthy moments...but nintendo's was the worst i've ever seen

truncheon3800d ago

with strategic misspellings LOL

sony was bad too: