NPD: Wii Overtakes 360 in US

According to NPD Industry Analyst Anita Frazier, "The Wii has taken the lead in total sales of current generation console hardware at 10.9 million units sold at retail life-to-date in the U.S."

The Wii sold 666.7K units in June 2008, the NPD stats for the month reveal, compared to 405.5K for the PS3 and 219.8K for the Xbox 360. The Nintendo DS sold 783K units for the month, while the PSP mustered sales of 337.4K.

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i_like_ff73774d ago

snake! Snake! SNAKE!!!!!!!

killer_trap3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

i guess it's another successful mission completed by snake. wow over 400,000. good Job sony.

edit: why are psp sales rising?? it's been selling better with every month.

decapitator3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

MGS4. Nuff said.

deeznuts3774d ago

Hey, what were the PS2 numbers? That's an impressive month by Sony.

mesh13774d ago

wait wait wait just in june ?? haha clucthing at straws aren't we haha

killer_trap3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

ps2 numbers aren't posted by NPD anymore, only sony posts ps2 numbers in their sales sheet.

deeznuts3774d ago

oh i see, thanks killa!

Playstation Man3774d ago

and I have played no better game than MGS4. VERY deserved. Love playing the game still to this day over and over again even after getting the emblems. I am very glad that in its first month, MGS4 performed so well in NA and worldwide accumulating somewhere between 1.75-2.5 million software units sold. And good for PS3. Killer-app delivered and many more on the way.

Liquid Dust3774d ago

I was rocked when FFXIII was announced for 360, hurt, scarred, cried a little. But snake was there for me when i got home from work. Switched to my desert eagle, took care of some PMC's, made rose's boobs jiggle, and the world was good

David Hayter for el Presidente

jwatt3774d ago

Imagine what FF 13 would have done! Well there's still FF versus and I thought that trailer looked better that FF 13.

MGS4 is a great game I started playing it for the second time but stoped so I can wait for Trophies to be implemented.

Knightmare3774d ago

Hopefully Sony will see how important it is to invest in 3rd party games, I know they are doing a good job investing in 1st party games, but they shouldn't put all the eggs in one basket, right?

killer_trap3774d ago

for those who are interested

Playstation 2 188.8k

not bad for an old dinosaur.

DaTruth3774d ago

Ps3 beats 360 by 500,000 worldwide. Just a hypothesis. If it won by this much in U.S. imagine Europe and Japan.

jahcure3774d ago

Anyone else realize that the xbox 360 is selling LESS now than when there were "shortages"? What is M$'s excuse now? Unless there were rampant shortages based on last month's number which were also LOWER than the "shortages" number

jaysquared3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

The summer months are typically slow for the whole gaming industry.. It really doesn't matter how much any game consoles sells now because when the holiday season starts consoles are able to sell 400k in one week!.. So lets wait and see who wins the last and most important round..

I'm actually pretty disappointed with MGS4 sales of just 774 k for unbundled units when it was suppose to be the Halo3 of playstation.. Halo 3 sold 1 million in the first 10 minutes! If konami was smart they will release a 360 version of MGS4 because it would probably sell a lot more in its first month compared to the PS3 even though it was released later..

iHEARTboobs3774d ago

MGS4 isn't the Halo for the PS3. I've said it before and i'll say it again. While Metal Gear has been a great series, its more of a hardcore series and therefore appeals to less people. MGS4 is a great game but difficult for some to get into because it's not a standard shooter.

superflyguy3774d ago

People will realize that the Wii is just a fad. Everyone I know who has a Wii only plays it when they have geusts. They barely use it when alone.

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Meus Renaissance3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

MGS4 - Best selling game in any platform last month. Who would have thought it? Snake, not Niko Belic, convinced the masses to purchase a PlayStation 3. And deservedly so, MGS4 is probably the best game I have ever played to date no lie. The only negative perhaps is that it sold only 1million, I would have preferred it to see more than that but it is hardcore title and there are less than 5million based in North America, so 1 in 5 owning the title isn't all gloom but I'm sure Konami would have liked it to sold more.

Exclusives deliver. Imagine FF13 being PS3 exclusive, the impact it would have had on hardware sales - but Sony will have to share that with Microsoft sadly for them. I hope 1st party titles like Motorstorm, Resistance and KillZone 2 can get enough marketing and become franchise flagships for the PS3. Sony need that to happen, they can't rely on 3rd party anymore, the magic needs to be cooked internally.

It w

kewlkat0073774d ago

Franchises like this one...are fading.

Not many left.

I need a new action espionage game, new character/times...

IzKyD13313774d ago

MGS4 sold over 2 million worldwide so far(im guessing 2 million, because previous metal gears sold MORE in japan, and europe is filled with MGS fans too).....there is more to the world then just the US people!

Gorgon3774d ago

" I hope 1st party titles like Motorstorm, Resistance and KillZone 2 can get enough marketing and become franchise flagships for the PS3"

Actually, those titles are second party, that is, they are developed by independent studios under exclusivity contract for a certain title. First party titles are the ones developed by internal studios that belong to the company itself.

Tidus113774d ago

it sold 2 times the amount of software that the # 2 software sold which is pretty good

CrazzyMan3774d ago

over 450k PS3 sold in NA - CONFIRMED!
PS3 FTW! =)
over 1 mln. MGS4 sold in NA - CONFIRMED!
MGS4 FTW! =)

Sevir043774d ago

the only second party game in that line up you mentioned is Resistance, because Insomniac is independent. both evolution(motorstorm Devs) Guerilla Games(Killzone Devs) are both own by sony which makes them first party devs. GG was purchased just prior to releasing KZ1, and evolution was purchased after the US release of Motorstorm and anounced of the aquistion at E307.

Gorgon3773d ago

Thanks Sevir, I didn´t know that. So basically Sony has more development studios now? Thats good.

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cloudman3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

If square had supported Sony, PS3 would win quicker. but i think Square have just made the war last longer!!!!!

Montrealien3774d ago

yeah, your wisdom is so amazing my neighbor just knocked on my door to know if he could sprinkle you with gravy and cheese and call you Poutine.

Square will just sell more copies of the game with the 360 and the PS3, they win by having it one both consoles.

cloudman3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

I think MS knew the NPD numbers and knew they were in trouble so they paid for FF13!

They approched Square telling them how Xbox is selling most in America, but it isnt. HAHAHA square fell for it. Actually the PS3 was doing better than Xbox


cloudman3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

Square could have made MS lose the war!!! Then there would be only 1 console.


Dotn ever forget there impact on the PS1 days. then in the PS2 days FFX was the first game to Sell 2 million on PS2, now sold 8 million. Yes you guys dont know how succesful it was!!!!

Montrealien3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

"Square could have made MS lose the war!!! Then there would be only 1 console."

This is not what we want is it? wtf man. One ring to rule them all! there is a reason they had to destroy the ring kid.

And square made sony, not the other way around.

AngryBot3774d ago

And destroyed it with ease.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

...And Snake Delivers Bill Gate$ DEAD Body To Sony... ;-D
This is just the start... ;)

June 2008 -

405.5K for the PS3 ;-P

219.8K for the Xbox 360 ;-D

One word - Titanic!!! ;-D

@PoSTedUP ;) Yes your right;) And what a Lovely Future it will be;)

PoSTedUP3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

and yes... this is just the beginning of the future : D

morganfell3774d ago

Now Jeff Greenberg knows what it's like to get hit with FOXDIE.

miked8083774d ago

Playstation 3 is in 3rd place.

Aquanox3774d ago

This belongs to the first half of the year though.

We'll see what happens when Gears 2, Fable 2, Too Human, Banjo and multiple OS upgrades do the talk =)

Congratulations for Kojima, great job!

Microsoft_Spokesman3774d ago

We blame xbox being last on "shortages".

Steve_Ballmer3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

As you all know we at Microsoft experienced a hardware shortage last month. It was nearly impossible to find a working Xbox 360 anywhere. Our spokesperson above will answer any and all of your questions. Thank you.

Microsoft_Spokesman3774d ago

But when these come out, we will experience "shortages" again.

Where are you Shane Kim? I wanna see the sh!t you're gonna pull out of your ass.

morganfell3774d ago

Sorry Aquanox but the old standard of "Wait until I get my gun" doesn't work for MS when the other guy - Sony - has a bigger gun.

Microsoft_Spokesman3774d ago

Haha, bubbles for you my friend.

eagle213774d ago

Congrats to Sony and Konami!!!

Walmart(which I heard isn't reported by NPD) said that if Sony would have had more PS3's, they would have sold twice as much at their stores.

Right now on, PS3 80GB and 40GB are in the top 10. The 360 is $299 and is not.

PS3 will get only 80GB packs with Dualshock 3's from August on. The 80GB is available this month in short supply which sells as fast as it restocks in all retail locations.

PS3 Game Software and Blu-ray films are about to BOOM with huge titles for the rest of this year. Momentum will continue.

Aquanox3774d ago

Being this a sales article, I assume you're trying to say that MGS4 will sell more than say, Gears of War 2?

I would honestly bet money right now on that this will not happen. Gears 2 will be the best selling game released this year. But that's just one game, whereas in MS side, there are plenty more.

I'm eager to see the August + sales figures.

juuken3774d ago

Start dancing Ken! You know you wanna do a little MC Hamma! >:P
Microsoft got OWNED.

lawman11083774d ago

Not take a month to not even sell 1 million. The PS3 is garbage in the States

PoSTedUP3774d ago

the 360 is garbage next to your tv....

Jandre023774d ago

Lol. OOOH YEAHH thats garbage alright.

derseb3774d ago

This generation will pretty much see even numbers of XBOX and PS3, both systems sell too much to get abandoned!

This is why it makes no sense for any third party publisher to stay exclusive.

The only thing I hope is that more publishers will use the PS3 as the lead platform and that games don't get dumbed down because of the XBox's limitations (DVD,no harddrive).

TalzWhite3774d ago

How can the playstation be in third place with another 7/8 years of shelf life remaining.

With a new "xbox720" being introduced next E3 or defo the year after ... the 360 will be finished.

final fantasy has never been a sony exclusive, it was a matter of time b4 they introduced it to the xbox360. lets just hope it hasnt spoiled the final product for us ps3 gamers.

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sephy 9 2 53774d ago

I was told MGS4 doesn't sell systems? Just take the humble pie please...

deeznuts3774d ago

C'mon humble pie? Don't be so nice.

Make them eat crow instead ...

Tmac3774d ago

Here comes the Xbox fanatic spin "but... but... but...".

SmokeyMcBear3774d ago

dude.. you know there were shortages, you ps3 fanboys can be so dumb sometimes

PirateThom3774d ago

Yeah, PS3 shortages, Sony couldn't get the MGS4 Bundles back in stock quick enough.

Panthers3774d ago

Yea that bundle sold out so fast no one could find it. I wish I could have gotten the Gun Metal PS3.

nbsmatambo3774d ago

instant "sold out" status once restocked on amazon

Qbanboi3774d ago

My friend still looking for the 80gb MGS4 Ps3. Anyone know where to find it in NEW JERSEY?

Voozi3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

In stock as of 8AM EST. Call store to confirm pricing and availability.
Brick Town Center
Lanes Mill MrktPlc
Renaissance Plaza

Enter in your zip code itll find closest EB/GS that has it in stock. For me those were places that still had it when I put in my zip code

Store searcher comes in handy big time when looking for something too. It's how I found a copy of MGS Twin Snakes, they surprisingly had a one at my local mall (Ocean County Mall) and I was like o shi- and rushed over there ASAP lol.

You can also try calling up targets, best buys, walmarts, kmarts, etc as well if the search doesn't get anything near you or worth driving for.

NightVyper3774d ago

best has MGS4 bundle still

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