Konami announces world wide MGO tournament

Konami has announced some preliminary details about the first Metal Gear Online tournament. Opened to players in the US, Europe and Japan/greater Asia, the Metal Gear Online World Championship will test the skills of players worldwide. The tournament will culminate in an all expense paid trip to Tokyo Game Show 2008 to compete in the finals. The full press release reads as followed.

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killer_trap3805d ago

I've finished the game 3 times but I've yet to touch the online mode. i don't know why but i just can't imagine playing MGS online without the epic atmosphere, story and characters.

i guess MG will always be an offline game to me.

gauntletpython3805d ago

i actually felt the same way at first, i really thought mgo was just like a toned down version of socom, but the items and sneaking missions make it unique enough to be fun