Opinion: Batman: Arkham Knight's Season Pass Is Absurd

A high price for a poorly defined trickle of content makes no sense.

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ERFO1324d ago

Correct. You hearing us Warner Bros? Rocksteady? Feeling like you've been caught fapping over images of our wallets?

You. You reading this. Wanna take the power back? Write Rocksteady and Warner and tell them you're not buying their overpriced skins pack.

AidenPearce1324d ago

Yep, people should vote with their wallets in cases like these.

Palitera1324d ago

People do.
And that's why companies are still doing this.

Blaze9291324d ago

$40 IS basiclaly another game. Who do they think they are fooling

22CobraKing1324d ago

I hate the fact that many say they won't get the season pass but eventually do. A large portion buy cod season passes and don't give a sh** if it's $50 but when it's other games they say I ain't getting it or that or that it's like buying a new game.
That is something I hate but, reality is don't buy if you don't want too.

Takwin1324d ago

This might be an amazing game, but I already cancelled my preorder because of what I personally consider underhanded tactics. It's my opinion, and I do vote with my wallet. I will now buy this game used on PS4 or wait until it is $5 on Steam, and I will not ever get any DLC.

re2_apocalypse1324d ago

While I'm not getting that overpriced piece of crap DLC; Who the fu** are you kidding? I don't believe for one second you already canceled your preorder. Amazing that people talk the talk but they are so full of sh**. Anyone can say anything over the internet

Seafort1324d ago


I cancelled my preorder of the game on PC. Quite a few ppl have principles and follow through on their words.

These AAA publishers are taking the piss more and more now. It's about time more ppl voted with their wallets and made publishers fight for our custom or they'll just keep charging more for their games and overpriced DLC.

Takwin1324d ago

Yes, I did cancel my preorder. It was with Best Buy. They do not require money beforehand, just like Amazon.

I have plenty to play with The Witcher 3, and many other games I'll willingly give my money to, including Yarn Yoshi, Xenoblade X, Metal Gear 5, Darkest Dungeon, and Persona 5.

Plus I tend to love the free games on PS+ and have a massive Steam and PS3 backlog.

Like I said, Batman preorder cancelled. No regrets.

3-4-51324d ago

Have discipline...don't buy.

N4g_null1323d ago

I mean seriously they have you guys. Nintendo didn't want to play their game and support the extra cost of online and dlc to just enjoy the game. You already have the system why should they listen when you all rewarded EA and ubisoft along with anyone else that claimed AAA.

It's like 3rd parties are going mad. Yet us gamers are providing that fuel.

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AngelicIceDiamond1324d ago

What else is new yall. Its gaming of today not like how it used to be 10 years ago.

Its BS, AAA's will ring out our dollars until there's nothing left.

kurruptor1324d ago

Don't buy it, it is that simple.

Kal-V31324d ago

It really reeeeally is that simple.

Ninver1324d ago

Proud to say I've never bought dlc for any game since the practice was first introduced. I've done my part as a lot of people should but hey I can't spend their money for em

Dr_Angus1324d ago

I do believe that is the intention. Not buying it, and not giving them money.

MilkMan1324d ago

Just hold on to your wallets with this season pass. Buy game, leave season pass right where it is. All good! They'll get the message.

re2_apocalypse1324d ago (Edited 1324d ago )

Now this is good logic =)

Not this I canceled my reserve now and I'll wait for a GOTY edition or some type of sale, etc...

1324d ago
Greyfoxdbz1324d ago

The worst thing about this is that they won't lose much if no one buys this shit, they probably cut content from the final game and decided to sell it separately. This is why i hate DLC announcements before the game has already released because you can't really tell

kurruptor1324d ago

Even if they did cut content, which we have no proof of. You can't say they won't lose much because they spent time creating the content that wasn't used. That is a waste of development time.

Ninver1324d ago

There's no positive message/outcome about dlc no matter how much you sugar coat it.

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