Starbreeze selects 505 Games for console publishing of Overkill’s The Walking Dead

Starbreeze AB, one of Sweden’s leading independent game developers, today announced its console publishing agreement with Digital Bros owned subsidiary 505 Games. The agreement covers next-gen console adaptations of “OVERKILL’s The Walking Dead” for the lifetime of the product and gives Starbreeze a license fee of 10 MUSD.

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ERFO1326d ago

State of decay with Co op and better graphics? Sign me up.

kiz26941326d ago

Isnt it more like Payday with zombies, thought thats what it was described when it was annouced.

ERFO1326d ago

Payday with zombies? Sign me up!

I say both things smirkingly (thattaword ) but on a serious note; haven't they essentially cornered themselves by saying "Bigger payday with zombies"? Think the fanboys have shrieked concerning battlefont, wait until Walking dead isn't exactly like Payday with zombies.

micx1326d ago

The Walking Dead Activision published was lacklustre, hopefully this will be better.

twiztid1326d ago

Who in there right mind would support Overkill after what they did to console gamers

1326d ago
twiztid1326d ago

Overkill screwed over consoles on dlc and patches made promises then out of nowhere said there moving on bringing pd2 to next gen plus the Devs are pretty rude to console community I'll pass on anything overkill is involved in

micx1326d ago

Honestly, didn't hear about it. I'll have to read up on it.

twiztid1326d ago

It was pretty bad promises for over a yr after release overkill Devs calling console gamers names in the end I feel like they dumped us for greed and next gen resales

Pastorfuzz1326d ago

Exactly what @twiztid said!