Destiny: How Trials of Osiris Redefines PVP | IGN

"Power Matters" is a slogan Bungie has been boasting since it held the first Iron Banner event. While the launch version of this Crucible gametype most certainly did not do the saying justice, the developer has since gone back to the drawing board to make sure the slogan’s definition now applies. It’s made those advantages matter, and today, the time you put into leveling your armor and weapons will have a direct impact on your chances of success in the Iron Banner. Hopefully you’ve become accustomed to those advantages, because there’s another mode coming to the Crucible where you can reap amazing rewards if your guardian can go the distance. That new mode is one of the best multiplayer experiences I’ve ever had: Trials of Osiris, an intense 3v3 match between that forces your team to work together in ways Destiny hasn’t done before.

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no_ripley1321d ago

i think the presentation was kinda lame.

there's hope that Prison of Elders will be good.

MMOBytes1321d ago

So the new event is elimination w/ revives? How is this new or special?

FamilyGuy1320d ago

It's Skirmish with FORCED revives and a round loss per team wipe. It's also like Iron Banner where you gear and weapon stats count.

I like it, it's familiar enough to be comfortable.